The Inquisition: Splitting the Party

Sometimes I can tell when I begin writing a post whether it's going to be long and ponderous or a markedly quick burst of text. (Ok, let's be honest, it's almost always the former, despite my best intentions for the latter.) While I generally attempt to be succinct, from time to time there comes a... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Trouble Characters

This is the first of a two-part article about trouble at your gaming table. I've divided my thoughts into two sections: dealing with trouble characters, and dealing with trouble players. I'll start with trouble characters, since they seem to be so much easier to deal with. The idea here is that all the players involved... Continue Reading →

Full Frontal Gaming

Before you start rolling your eyes, this isn’t a post about sexuality in games or how women should or shouldn’t be portrayed. This is simply about the plain old fact that most women have boobs. And, any size, shape or flavor, there are things to consider in game regarding these modifiers. They are actually very... Continue Reading →

Evil: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

A few days ago a friend mentioned that, in the campaign he's planning on running this upcoming summer, he was thinking of encouraging the players to take the reins of evil characters (D&D 3.5). Wheeee! Having played a few campaigns with evil parties, I was immediately called back to those old days of 2nd editi0n... Continue Reading →

Stars Maligned

The following is a lengthy screed about Alignment, as it pertains to Dungeons and Dragons. If that doesn't interest you, why don't you try some bunnies instead? Where to begin? I'll start by saying that alignment is and has been one of the core concepts of Dungeons and Dragons, around since the first edition to... Continue Reading →

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