Kick The Box Nov. 18th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box Nov. 18th Edition This week, I manged to dig up some great thematic games on Kickstarter. Everything ranging from Oxford to big and small monsters, with some rolling through the ages for good measure. We also have two new tabletop campaign reboots started and several tabletop Kickstarter campaigns  I've featured over the... Continue Reading →

Kick The Box Oct 28th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box Oct. 28th Edition G'day fellow Kickstarter enthusiasts! Welcome to the last week in October edition of Kick The Box. This week we have a new established company entering into the Kickstarter craze, and Dice Hate Me Games newest tabletop game on Kickstarter which has already been funded, plus a couple of companies... Continue Reading →

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