Three Ring Circus: Bruges

Three Ring Circus: Bruges Bruges is a card game from ace Euro game designer Stefan Feld. It will keep 2 to 4 players occupied for around an hour by placing you at the heart of 15th Century Bruges, in a battle for victory points.  This is done through various types of building; houses, canals, reputations... Continue Reading →

Three Ring Circus: Oriental Express

The good people of Germany declared Istanbul their favourite strategy game of 2014 ,(Kennerspiel Des Jahres).  When it comes to matters cardboard, their judgement is pretty sound and so I decided to pick up a copy. The premise of Istanbul is that you are a merchant, with four trusty assistants, trading your way through the... Continue Reading →

A Colonel of Truth in There Somewhere…

Name, rank, and service number, eh? Col. Paul Blake, reporting for duty, service number India-Papa-Lima-Alfa-Yankee-Golf-Alfa-Mike-Echo-Sierra. No, I'm not going to be filling the post of "resident Grognard" or anything like that. It's just that, when one is given an honorary title, one might as well use it - even if it was given as the... Continue Reading →

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