Blood Bowl Team Manager – the card game

In a bit of a surprise, at least to me, Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new Blood Bowl based card game called Blood Bowl Team Manager. I'm thinking they're aiming for the fun of the BB universe without the setup, game board and statistics keeping required to field a league on your own. Since Fantasy Flight Games took on the Talisman Board Game license and did a bang up job with it, I have high hopes that this card game will add more to the Blood Bowl universe.

Meet the Goblins – a Blood Bowl home video

I like this game. It's fun, full of strategy with just the right touch of absurd randomness added in to make it well, Blood Bowl. Just like the board game except less 3D and more on my computer. Today a "Meet the Goblins" video debuted. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Four new Blood Bowl star players revealed

Cyanide and Focus are giving us four more screens of their star players in the forthcoming Blood Bowl awesomeness. "Grim Ironjaw - the Troll Slayer, Slibli - the terrifying Saurus, Ripper Bolgrot - the Goblins’ favorite Troll, and finally Headsplitter - the monstruous Rat-Ogre. " Note the use of British spelling and Rat-Ogre.

Blood Bowl Star Players and one line about my experience with the game.

Focus today released four new screenshots for their upcoming Blood Bowl game. I am wholly and completely excited for this game! Why? Well first it's Blood Bowl (the only version of football I'm even remotely interested in) and second I got to play it for a bit! I can't say much but I can tell you that if you liked the original board game, you're going to really like the video game.

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