The October RPG Blog Alliance Carnival shall be HORRIBLE! (In the best possible way)

I’m extremely pleased to be hosting October 2012’s RPGA Blog Carnival! Seeing as it’s October, let’s make this downright horrible!

What is it that makes a gaming session horrible? It could be wonderfully horrible, such as that time you were playing Call of Cthulhu and the hair stood up on the back of your neck as your cat screeched at an ’empty’ closet!

Or it could be horrible as in that time you ran the convention game and the only people who showed up were a set of quadruplets who were all rules lawyers in the system you created.

Tell us your horror stories! Make them scary, make them poignant, offer tips on how to increase the horror factor or decrease the chances of your game turning out horribly!

Here at TC we’ll try and roll out some interesting posts this month to cover this theme – posts and podcasts!

If you would like to participate, and you have a blog, then click here to read all about it! Then contact me and let me know when you’d like to schedule your post. I’ll do my best to get weekly updates of everyone’s material here on TC and spread the love. Also, you’re quite welcome to submit a guest post which I can publish here. Again, simply contact me!

May of the Dead Blog Carnival – the Mad Ghost

In support of The Going Last Gaming Podcast, I’ve joined the May of the Dead blog carnival!

You can download the latest Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places preview, the Mad Ghost from DriveThruRPG for free!

The Cask and Wagon is a popular watering hole for merchants and adventurers. It is upscale enough to avoid the worst of bar brawling and cut-purses, but cheap enough that drink and a room can be had without impacting much of a profit.

It is strange then, that the inn is mostly deserted, even just past sundown. Only the innkeeper and a few desultory staff are present, along with an old gaffer quietly snoring near the fireplace.

Can your party solve the mystery of the Mad Ghost?

It’s an RPG holiday blog carnival, with special guest Krampus the NPC!

What better way to ring in the holidays with the Nordic tradition of Krampus!

No, no, it’s not a medical condition. Krampus is one bad ass holiday elf. And by elf of course, I mean slightly demonic childish nightmare.

Thanks to the amazing artistry of Steven Austin and the RPG stylings of Nevermet Press we have ourselves a Krampus RPG holiday blog carnival! I’ve taken the liberty of making good old Krampus a system neutral NPC, which you can download for free at DriveThruRPG! Be sure to check the RPG holiday blog carnival link for at least 20 other online RPG giants who are also celebrating the holidays with Krampus.

We here at Troll in the Corner would like to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season for you and yours.  As much as we love Krampus and hope that you can use it in your campaigns, we hope you’re not visited personally by the wily dude.  In other words, be good.

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