Indie Talks Episode 23 – Turning the Tables

In this, episode number 23, I've had the tables turned on me! We would love to get your feedback about our show! Contact me with comments:, follow me on twitter @trollitc, and also check us out on iTunes! Hell, you can even catch us on Stitcher.  While you're at it, there's the Indie Talks Facebook page and the Indie Talks Google+... Continue Reading →

Indie Talks Episode 7 – Peter "Blix" Bryant

I find myself conversing with Peter "Blix" Bryant! A long time gamer and convention goer who also happens to be involved with publishing what is arguably the longest lived indie title in RPG history! Blix is responsible for a new game, part RPG, part trivia, all awesome called Cube of Death! I'm intimately familiar with this... Continue Reading →

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