Kick The Box September 30th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Sept. 30th Edition

I don’t know about where all you are at, but it looks like our fall/winter weather has finally set in for the long haul. /Sigh

So, time to  hunker down and get some more games in until our sunshine returns!

 Update: NEWS FLASH!! I just received an email that Dawn: Rise of the Occulites by Eagle Games has been relaunched on Kickstarter AND is already fully funded before I can even get this posted! (It just relaunched Sunday mind you). If you don’t remember this one, check out my  July 1st Edition of Kick The Box. Battle Merchants campaign ends in a couple of days and they are so close to being successfully funded that a little shove will push them over the edge.

Shadows Over The Empire

Project by: MAGE Company

Not sure how I missed this one early on, but glad I was able to jump onto the bandwagon. Shadows Over The Empire has hit it’s funding five fold with a little over a week still left in the campaign. It’s still not to late to for you to jump onto the bandwagon with me and help them hit the last couple of stretch goals they have posted.

Once again, another King has fallen prey to the hand of death, leaving the throne empty for others to squabble over. SOtE  is a two to four player, area control card game. Your goal, as a character representing one of the factions, (the lawmakers, the religious, the royalty, and  the wealthy),  is to try to spread your influence upon the other characters of the game and triumph in your bid for the throne.

Even with four players, this is a quick game. Looks like it would be a lot of fun with an appreciable amount of friendly backstabbing (Or maybe NOT so friendly backstabbing, depending on your group.)

There are three different level of pledges. If you plan on picking up the game in Essen, a pledge of $26 will net you the game. For shipping to US, EU, or Canada, than it will cost you $32. For the rest of the world, a pledge level of $39 will suffice.

RPG Gaming Table

Project by: Jim Barnes

Tired of using your dining room or coffee table as  your RPG gaming table? Been wanting to build your own, but not even sure where to start?  Than act quick and kick on over to Jim Barnes RPG Gaming Table Kickstarter campaign. He  has some magnificent looking plans for a gaming table. Unfortunately, there is only a couple of days left in his campaign. For as little as $7, you can receive the lower plans and a basic set of plans of the original table. The pledge levels increase incrementally all the way to $750 which, if your lucky enough to live in the Raleigh, NC metro area, and looking for a new table, Jim will give you the detailed design instructions, any customization of your choice, and assemble, paint, and deliver to you.

The thirty dollar pledge level I think is the sweet spot. It includes all the plans, a cut list, suggested materials, and a step by step instructions with pictures to help you put it together.



Project by:

Warboard Mid Fold

For you miniature gamers out there, Steve Smith has an awe-inspiring Warboard for you. Each Warboard is made out of  2mm solid board, and is double sided.

The artwork and detail is magnificent.  You can see tire marks, garbage and leaves strung through out the streets on the outdoor boards. The indoor corridors look just as superb with the same amount of attention to detail. There are four different designs for both the outdoor and indoor landscapes.

But this isn’t even the best part. Not only do you get these marvelous landscapes to skirmish on, you have a Warboard that when completely folded up, the board is about the same size as a few stacked magazines or rule books. Perfect for storing on your shelf along with the rest of your game boards for ease of access, instead of the garage or shed.  Each board folds out to a 2′ x 3′ gaming area. Combine two of these boards and you have a 3′ x 4′ skirmish area and by combining four of these boards, you now have incredible 4′ x 6′ gaming area, and so on, so forth. Plus, each board comes with it’s own carrying case for ease of transport.

If miniatures is your thing and your looking for a board that you can easily transport to a friend’s house, or to your favorite local gaming store, than here is your answer!

The shipping rate outside of the UK ranges from £8 to £19 depending on your pledge level.

The 8th Day

Project by: Gleipnir Games

4 Map Tiles

 I haven’t seen a 1 vs. Many board game on Kickstarter in awhile. There have been a lot of  Cooperative and Competitive games. The 8th Day changes that trend with an Aliens vs. Marines theme. One person plays as the Alien Commander and the others play as the Marines embarking on different missions. The missions can range from retrieving sensitive information to sabotaging critical points, or just a plain ass kicking, wiping out the aliens in the area mission.

The game is played on a modular tile based system (think Zombicide map system) allowing not only boxed scenarios, but also allowing gamers to create their own story and missions.

The Marines level up after missions, therefore gaining new abilities, weapons, and equipment. Therefore, giving you the power to create your own campaigns in this sparse remnants of an invaded Earth.

There is a game play video on their Kickstarter page that is a walk through of the first basic mission with the prototype board and pieces. It looks like it should be a lot of fun of not only playing the game, but also creating your own backdrop, story, and/or missions in the universe they have created.

Shipping outside of the US ranges from $14 to $35, depending on your pledge level. Shipping within the US is free.

Well, another Monday down and a new Kick The Box posted. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer and look forward to seeing you all next week. And as always . . .

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Kick The Box Sept. 3rd 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Sept. 3rd Edition

Hope everyone’s Labor Day Weekend was full of games, drinks, and friends, and you were able to get away, at least mentally for a few hours. I know I had a good weekend and now playing catch up, of course, for the next couple of days. But, you’re not here to listen to my excuses, so let’s get on with the show.

Update: Battle Merchants campaign has been relaunched and is already a third of the way of being funded in the first day!


Conquest of Orion

Project by: Escape Velocity Games

The constellation Orion, once a system only thought of as deep space,  is finally being explored and colonized. As the alliances start to populate the solar system, you find yourself battling for control to become the dominant alliance. The goal is to collect as many cards, as a team, as possible and then combine them at the end of  the conflicts. From the cards won, you put together as many systems as possible and then tally those system’s value.  A system consists of a planet card, an industry card, and a colony card. Each card is worth a certain amount of stars, and you add the stars up on each of the cards in a system and you get the value of the system. And of course, the alliance with the most points wins. This game looks like it would be a fun 4 player trick taking card game with two player teams and a strong sci-fi theme to boot.

Legends of the American Frontier

Project by: Game Salute

Legends of American Frontier is a card game that lets you live a life out on the plains as you stake your claim as either a Patriot, Frontiersman, Soldier, Trapper, Settler, Indian, Scout, Statesman, or Explorer. It’s a 3-5 player game which takes place in the 1780’s, shortly after the Revolutionary War, and continues into the early 1800’s. During this time period, the characters gain status, fame, wealth, and happiness tokens that are then spent on rewards that will help define the legend of their characters. The objective of the game is to score the most points through completing the adventures and purchasing said rewards.  At the end of the game each player tells his character’s life story and the points are tallied to see who is the greatest legend as you all ride off into the sunset.


Project by: Robert Westrick

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the vigilante hero in a race to rid the land of evil do-gooders before your friends do? If so, then Slaughterama is what you’ve been looking for! All the players are clerks of their very own medieval stores called bazaars, while at the same time,  you race to see who can kill all ten monsters in their decks first. With basic RPG fighting elements, lots of pop culture references, traps, portals, sniper perches, and the risk of becoming of a zombie makes this for an interesting, easy to learn, fun game. Besides, Robert uses Gwar’s song Slaughterama at the end of his video! That alone is worth two pledges per person in my opinion!

Raiders of R’lyeh

Project by: Quentin Bauer

It is 1910. You and your adventuring friends have wandered into a smoke filled tavern. The taste of nicotine drips off the walls, as you and your comrades quietly make your way to the bar. The bartender looks you over, sneers, and asks, “What do you want?”

Your friend, the archaeologist, answers, ” We are looking for a fellow.”

“A fellow that has asked us to meet him here,” you finish quickly, not wanting to irate the bald, brawly bartender anymore than he already seemed.

“Hmph. Can’t help you.” And walks away.

What will you and your friends do next? Look around the bar? Try to talk to the bartender again? Or have a drink and hope this mysterious person will find you? Or, just leave?

In Raiders of R’lyeh, a scene, just like the one described above, could be your first step into a world of many mysteries and adventures. A sandbox tabletop RPG is waiting for you and your friends to dive into a cross over world of Raiders of the Lost Ark style pulp adventure and Lovecraft mysteries and horror.  What are you waiting for?

There you have it. A day late, but hey it was worth the wait, right?! Be sure to check out each of these astounding Kickstarters and also Ben’s Extra Life Fundraising Event! Leave any comments on likes/dislikes or whatever is on your mind and until next week, Keep On Playing!

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