Names in Your Imagi-Nation Wargaming Campaign

Henry Hyde, yes the Henry Hyde that I keep mentioning in relation to the Dedhampton Revolution, asked me for feedback on his Wars of the Faltenian Succession articles, which appeared in early issues of Battlegames Magazine. I wrote him 3,000 words responding to his 30+ pages of imagi-nation goodness. While I wrote my thoughts I... Continue Reading →

Imagi-nation gaming

In a previous post I announced my immersion into the realm of imagi-nation gaming. I quite rightly put all the blame on Henry Hyde. He piqued my interested with the Wars of the Faltenian Succession. Imagi-nation gaming is sort of like blending roleplaying games with wargaming. A wargamer, like a DM, creates the world in... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Wargaming

Let’s talk Wargaming.  Wargaming on a RPG focused blog?  What sort of madness is this?  Mad like a fox you mean.  I have played RPGs and currently play World of Warcraft.  Much enjoyment can be had playing any number of roleplaying games and this blog is a great place to read about that type of... Continue Reading →

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