4th Annual Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle is here! Over $240 worth of product for $20

The  4th  Annual  Wayne  Foundation  Charity  RPG  Bundle  is here! Buy it now - $240+ worth of RPGs, Original Art, Comics and Fiction for $20 On  sale  June  22   through  June  29,  exclusively  through  DriveThruRPG,  this  bundle  offers  over  $225  worth  of  RPG   products,  fiction  and  artwork  for  just  $20!    You’ll  be  paying  just  under... Continue Reading →

Art. I have it.

Encounter ~ Plots ~ Places is chugging along as well as it can be (more on that in just a bit) and I'm happy to say that I've taken delivery of the first four pieces of original artwork for the book! Khairul Hisham has come through with four amazing pieces of artwork. And he did... Continue Reading →

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