GE25: 5 Great Sci-Fi Aliens

Aliens and Sci-Fi go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly Time. This episode shares 5 Great Science Fiction Aliens. There's only so much room in a top 5 list and we're bound to leave out some of your favorites.  Let us know what you think we got right and what you think we got oh... Continue Reading →

Russian UFO landing sites identified and photographed from the ISS.

Astronauts on the ISS and the NASA Earth Observatory have identified several mysterious circles forming under the ice of the deepest lake in the world. Lake Baikal in southern Siberia is "t is the largest (by volume) and deepest (1,637 meters at the deepest point) fresh water lake on Earth. It is also one of the world’s oldest lakes (25-30 million years old); sediment deposited on the bottom is up to 7 kilometers deep. The lake’s long, thin, and deep shape results from its location in the Baikal Rift Valley."

They’re called aliens for a reason

I'm an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I also enjoy the occasional scientific text for those of us who aren't physicists or biologists. I'm also (to the surprise of many) not a big Star Trek fan. And I have a bone to pick with certain SF television shows and movies and what they've done to the collective unconscious as far as alien life is concerned.

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