The Game Mechanic: Mixed Company.

I play with a fairly mixed bag of psychotic cats individuals: a few old hands clashing with the newer generation of gamers, while those with a foot in either camp watch with bemusement from the sidelines. While there are no real edition wars to speak of at our table, the difference between those who have... Continue Reading →

To a Few Players, but Really, For Everyone

I love you guys, I do. You make me laugh. You bring my ideas to life. Without you, none of these adventures I dream up would see anything but the inside of a notebook, or the inside of my head. But GOD you can be frustrating.

DO’s and DON’T’s for Players and GM’s Alike

DO know the rules. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure the game runs smoothly. If you are a player, know what is applicable to your character. This goes double for a new system. Make note of important source-book pages, or type the rules up and keep them with your character sheet, so you aren’t constantly wasting time delving into the books for the information you need. If you are the GM, know the rules that apply to your players, and others besides, but don’t be afraid to alter rules that don’t make sense, or don’t suit the game. The most important thing is, if you alter rules, be consistent.

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