Need a Wargaming Map?

I've wanted to run a campaign for a decade or more. That never happened because, as we may all know, of the heavy work-load to create a campaign. The campaign creator needs to do a TON of work behind the scenes to get the campaign started, keep it running, and reach a conclusion. The players... Continue Reading →

Painting 15mm Renedra Tents

At Havoc I picked up a package of Renedra tents in 15mm from the Hobby Bunker stall. They're perfect for my Seaward March, one day American Civil War, campaign that I am running on the 31st. Cort owns a lot of 15mm ACW figures and terrain. But, it'd be nice to have some tents in... Continue Reading →

TotalCon 26 in 3,273 Words

TotalCon. Where do I begin? Okay, I’m going to sum up the entire con in a single word. You might think that is difficult to do. But, here goes. AMAZING! TotalCon 26 was the most fun I’ve had at TotalCon. If you’re unfamiliar with Total Confusion, then you’re missing out. Briefly, it is the longest-running,... Continue Reading →

Here’s Jonathan

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself “not another new guy!” Hopefully you’re instead asking yourself, with eager anticipation, who is this Jonathan person? Maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to unleash 20 questions for me to answer. To save the awkwardness of spending time creating and filling out questionnaires please allow me... Continue Reading →

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