The Hobby Desk YouTube Channel!

Hey There boys and girls, Your favourite Aussie Wargamer here to let you know that I have been uploading videos like mad on my Youtube channel! I have been doing product reviews and V-Logs. I also have a few battle reports for those who like seeing how we do it down under! So please subscribe... Continue Reading →

  The Greenskins crushed my Bone Brethren, but not without a fight.   Both armies arrogantly marched onto the battlefield. The Greenskins arrived ready to WARRRGH as the Reckless undead stood to protect their realm of Khemri. The servants of Settra the Imperishable arrived to the field mounted on horseback, chariot, war sphinx and carried by... Continue Reading →

GE48: 5 Great Weird Al Music Videos

Weird Al Yankovic has parodied hit songs for more than three decades.  His newest album, Mandatory Fun, is #1 on the Billboard charts.  We celebrate this by recommending five of his great music videos. 5) Perform This Way 4) Smells Like Nirvana 3) White & Nerdy 2) Amish Paradise 1) Word Crimes Mailbag What Weird Al... Continue Reading →

Geeks Explicitly 25 Delayed

We apologize for the delay in releasing Geeks Explicitly Episode 25. Normally episodes are released every Thursday after being recorded earlier in the week. This week marks the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death and it has been a rough time. I am sorry for the delay but promise that episode 25 will be... Continue Reading →

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