GE23: Minecraft Resources for Beginners

What game lets you dig for diamonds, build a home, and battle monsters?  Minecraft of course. Minecraft is sweeping the internet with its sandbox style of play, which allows players to build fantastic creations before hiding from the monsters that appear at night.  Everyone from Wil Wheaton on down love and play this game. Jonathan... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon #82: 6 Must Read Magazines for Historical Gamers

6 Must Read Magazines for Historical Gamers. These are magazines that any historical gamer, or wargamer, will find useful. They contain articles, photographs, reviews, and imagery that, together, provide the full picture on any historical era of interest. Archaeology magazine Wargames Illustrated magazine Military History magazine Naval History magazine Battlegames magazine Wargames Soldiers & Strategy... Continue Reading →

GE20: 5 Favorite Star Wars Novels

Star Wars. Those two words are more evocative than many in the English language. Episode 20 goes Star Wars crazy with 5 of Jonathan's favorite Star Wars novels. So, take this list with you to your local library, favorite book store, or online ebook vendor. 5 Favorite Star Wars Novels: Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon #80: Civ IV Colonization

Civ IV: Colonization. Also discussed: New Logo by Jeremy Kostiew Mailbag: Responses to Ep 79: 5 Reasons You SHOULD Shop at Your FLGS "Buy" episodes, for free, on Wargame Vault Civilization 4: Colonization Is a great source of inspiration and information for my Dedhampton Revolution historical what-if campaign. Each nation has a different bonus and... Continue Reading →

GE16: 5 Great Soundtracks

Not everyone movie has a great soundtracks. Bad movies can have amazing soundtracks and amazing movies can have sucky soundtracks. Stay tuned til the end for the Mailbag segment. Jonathan reveals 5 Great Soundtracks. These soundtracks should appeal to various types of geeks. Star Wars Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Juno The Rocky Horror Picture Show... Continue Reading →

How Kevin Smith Rekindled My Podcasting Flame

I record the Wargaming Recon podcast when I am not writing this weekly column. Wargaming Recon is a bi-weekly hour-long gaming podcast dedicated to historical gaming and New England gaming. I review products, discuss games I play, chat about cons, and travel the wargaming world with listeners. Being a podcaster is a fun and exciting... Continue Reading →

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