Daily Board Game Deals – 7/27

Not every day will feature enough interesting deals to warrant a post. Today however is not one of those days. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a wonderful game (my review) that is currently $20.15 plus $0.25 in shipping. It's not Prime, but it is 42% off. Panamax from Stronghold Games is 34% off at $39.78.... Continue Reading →

Daily Board Game Deals – 7/24/15

Today, we're going to take a long, hard look at short people with hairy feet and the companions who travel with them. All of the below games have Prime shipping but may be available in limited quantities. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship deck building game is a whopping 70% off today, at $11.99.... Continue Reading →

Daily Board Game Deals – 7/23/15

To start off the day, Privateer Press is having a small sale.  Warmachine High Command is 55% off at $17.99. Grind, another Privateer Press title is 79% off at $14.99 shipped. Galactic Strike Force is 63% off at $14.99 shipped as well. Trains is 52% off at $28.73. Trains 2: Rising Sun is 43% off at... Continue Reading →

Board Game Daily Deals – 7/22

Over at a few other places, I post the occasional board game deals I find - which to me is usually any game that's at least 30% off of the MSRP after shipping. I tend to favor Amazon a lot because I work through the affiliate program there and that's where I get the money... Continue Reading →

  The Greenskins crushed my Bone Brethren, but not without a fight.   Both armies arrogantly marched onto the battlefield. The Greenskins arrived ready to WARRRGH as the Reckless undead stood to protect their realm of Khemri. The servants of Settra the Imperishable arrived to the field mounted on horseback, chariot, war sphinx and carried by... Continue Reading →

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