Daily Board Game Deals – 8/27/15


Castles, talismans and aliens, oh my!

XCOM – The Board Game is 33% off today at $40.35.

Talisman is 38% off today at $40.94 – but only if you roll a 3.

The Hobbit Card Game from FFG is 38% off at a measly $6.17.

TMG’s Harbour, though out of stock, can be had at $11.75 or 41% off.  It’ll ship Prime once it’s back in stock.

Carcassonne – New Edition is 36% off today at $22.27.

Dominion Intrigue can be played as an expansion or a stand alone game and it’s 38% off or $27.99.

Long time out of print now back in print game San Juan is 37% off at $21.89.

Finally, Feld’s Castles of Burgundy is 37% off at $26.37.


Daily Board Game Deals – 8/18/15


Today it’s time to step into the Abyss, which is 34% off at $39.79.

While technically not a “hot deal”, Sushi Go is very cheap – almost the lowest price it’s ever been on Amazon at $10.99, which is 27% off.

Lanterns, a really cool tile collection/laying game with a wonderfully colorful theme is 31% off at $24.00.

Machi Koro is even more on sale at last time with a 40% price cut at $17.99, putting it into impulse buy range.

The D&D 5e Starter Set is 35% off at $12.95 today.

Lastly, Mr. Jack is 30% off at $29.97.

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/11/15

Let’s start today off with a game that got many of us into the hobby. Munchkin is 69% off at $7.70 which is a fantastic deal.

Illusio is 48% off at $12.95.

Sticking with Passport Games, Kalua is 36% off at $17.39.

Stronghold Games has a bunch of titles at least 30% off today, including Space Cadets at 37% off or $37.95. Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly Futile at 50% off or $14.95. Space Cadets: Die Fighter is 41% off at $20.55. Among the Stars is 34% off at $33.04. Kanban: Automotive Revolution is 31% off at $41.37. Panamax is 34% off at $39.78.

Terra Mystica is 31% off today at $54.91.

Cyclades is 35% off today at $42.41.

All of these have Prime shipping.

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/7/15


I found more stuff for sale. Starting with Lost Temple which is 44% off at $19.55.

Steam Park is 49% off at $28.00.

Some more Stronghold titles: Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom is 37% off at $9.37.

Going Going Gone is 37% off at $31.28.

Machi Koro is 40% off at $17.99.

Martian Dice is again cheap at $9.95 or 34% off.

Flash Point Fire Rescue is 44% off at $22.49.

Vlaada Chvatil’s Prophecy is 57% off at $27.95.

The Resistance is 48% off at $10.39.

Provincia Romana is 45% off at $30.25.

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/4/15


Kicking things off with some Diskwars goodness! While the base game is not wonderfully discounted, Diskwars is 27% off at $29.01. The two expansions are pretty well discounted. Legions of Darkness is 40% off at $17.99 and Hammer and Hold is 43% off at $16.95 which could give you a pretty good set of games at a decent price.

The Star Trek Original Series Deck Building game is 49% off at $17.99.

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire is 60% off at $9.99 (Ron Perlman not included).

Knizia’s The Hobbit is 66% off at $11.76.

Galactic Strike Force is 62% off at $15.19.

Wizard’s Brew is 48% off at $15.50.

Gearworld is 66% off at $16.91.

Shafausa is a whopping 73% off at $15.99.

Daily Board Game Deals – 7/27


Not every day will feature enough interesting deals to warrant a post. Today however is not one of those days.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a wonderful game (my review) that is currently $20.15 plus $0.25 in shipping. It’s not Prime, but it is 42% off.

Panamax from Stronghold Games is 34% off at $39.78.

Smash Up is 39% off at $18.34, but it won’t ship Prime until July 30th.

Munchkin Loot Letter (the Love Letter/Munchkin mash up) is 49% at $5.60. It’s an add-on item, which means you need to order at least $25 worth of stuff.

King of Tokyo is 43% at $25.74.

DriveThruCards is having their Christmas in July sale, with a few titles notably discounted in their card games. Of particular interest is Smart Play Games (i.e. Daniel Solis) who make some amazing titles.

If you’re into the RPGs, DriveThruRPG features the same deal (25% off through July 30th) on a huge number of titles, including some of my own.

That’s all folks!

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