Epic Level Artistry: Devin Night

Welcome back to Epic Level Artistry, where we get to hear from the artists that illustrate the RPGs we know and love. For our second installment we have Devin Night, a designer, illustrator, teacher and family man out of the Midwest. In addition to designing crafts and weapons for your characters to drive and wield,... Continue Reading →

GE12: Jeremy Kostiew, Graphic Designer

Jeremy Kostiew, of MightyNightGaunt.com, discusses being a graphic designer, a LARPer, and World of Warcraft gamer. We also spend a bit of time discussing wine. Geeks Explicitly is the #1 show on the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network! You'll want to check out Jonathan's other podcast: Wargaming Recon, historical wargaming podcast with new episodes... Continue Reading →

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