Tabletop Gamers – a love letter

Early morning on the 15th of September, before the sun had risen, I uploaded the Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Pack to DriveThruRPG. Within two hours, with no advertising, three people had ponied up their $15 to purchase it. By the time 24 hours had passed - our first day in a 15 day sale, we had sold over $810 worth of charity packs, raising over $520 dollars for the Wayne Foundation.

Creativity and Chaff – or where the hell’s my wheat? Three games that thankfully don’t exist

I'm an idea man. When my mind isn't otherwise occupied, I tend to drift off into that speculative place where daydream and potentially award winning game mechanics float tantalizingly in front of you, ripe for the picking. The problem is, when I return with my metaphorical basket of fruit, I find that most of what I've gotten are leaves with only the occasional bit of ripe sweetness down towards the bottom.

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