Wargaming Recon #51: Black Powder Explosion

Black Powder Explosion. This episode predates the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network and it also predates the name Wargaming Recon. We hope you will enjoy this one from the vault, it is the 2nd most popular episode in Wargaming Recon history!  Not bad considering it was originally released April 14, 20111. Jonathan J. Reinhart... Continue Reading →

GE34: 5 Fun iOS Games

Anyone who owns a mobile device has favorite apps.  We are no different and are sharing 5 fun games that you can play on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc) you own. Some are free, some cost money, but all are a lot of fun to play.   5 Fun iOS Games Tiny Troopers -... Continue Reading →

Wargaming Recon #85: 5 Goals for 2013

5 Goals for 2013. Last year I set my (Un)Realistic Goals for 2012. Liking the idea I am continuing the trend with my 5 Goals for 2013. Improve Accessibility Consistently Release Great Content Nurture a Strong and Growing Community Mix It Up Give Back Also discussed: New recording workflow using new equipment: Behringer XENYX 802... Continue Reading →

GE23: Minecraft Resources for Beginners

What game lets you dig for diamonds, build a home, and battle monsters?  Minecraft of course. Minecraft is sweeping the internet with its sandbox style of play, which allows players to build fantastic creations before hiding from the monsters that appear at night.  Everyone from Wil Wheaton on down love and play this game. Jonathan... Continue Reading →

Vote NOW for 2012 Podcast Awards Faves

Thank you everyone who nominated Wargaming Recon for the 2012 Podcast Awards.  The show did not make it this time around but there is always next year.  Your support is most appreciated. Next year all our shows will be eligible for consideration.  Until then, you can vote NOW for your favorites that made it to... Continue Reading →

GE21: 24 Hour Game-a-Thon

In the Simpsons Reverend Lovejoy's wife Helen is known for saying "What about the children?!  Won't somebody please think of the children!?"  This is exactly what Ben Gerber, Scott Lazzari, and I did on October 20, 2012.  We participated in the Extra Life 24 Hour Game-a-thon to raise money for children who need medical help.... Continue Reading →

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