The Michael Rohan Memorial Fund RPG Bundle

Recently, Kevin Rohan of Silver Gryphon Games and his family suffered the tragic loss of his son, Michael. In response, the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund (read all about it here) was started, and numerous publishers have banded together to give you over US $240 of product for $12 to support this fund. You can, and... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Splitting the Party

Sometimes I can tell when I begin writing a post whether it's going to be long and ponderous or a markedly quick burst of text. (Ok, let's be honest, it's almost always the former, despite my best intentions for the latter.) While I generally attempt to be succinct, from time to time there comes a... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Trouble Characters

This is the first of a two-part article about trouble at your gaming table. I've divided my thoughts into two sections: dealing with trouble characters, and dealing with trouble players. I'll start with trouble characters, since they seem to be so much easier to deal with. The idea here is that all the players involved... Continue Reading →

City of Clocks on Kickstarter – check it!

As someone developing their own system neutral source book, I can only applaud the effort that's going into this one! I've chatted online with James who's spearheading this project and it truly sounds amazing! City of Clocks is a systemless industrial fantasy setting focused on a massive city, rich in history, on the brink of... Continue Reading →

The ZOMG! Indie Talks Podcast sale!

Indie Talks launches tomorrow! ZOMG! My new podcast hits the etherwaves with episode #0 on June 6th. On Indie Talks, you'll get to meet the people behind independent gaming. Also the people in front of it. And those slightly off to one side of it. As I'm preparing to record episode #4 tonight, and launching... Continue Reading →

Am I burned out?

By asking a question for my title, I'm not implying that I, your "beloved" author, is burned out in any way shape or form. (Though, I certainly have been before.) I want to talk about how to identify when someone is burned out, what to do to get yourself or a friend out of it,... Continue Reading →

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