RPGs for Kids: The Savage Peanuts

The Savage Peanuts is a role-playing scenario for kids, in which the players must rescue a boy who has been kidnapped by feral peanut people. I use the term scenario deliberately. This is not an adventure; the story is not linear (well, except for the set-up). This article describes a problematic situation and the characters... Continue Reading →

Creating and Implementing Technology.

Do you have a piece of equipment you've been wanting to add to your game? Well, grab your corebook of choice and we'll cover four basic considerations for implementing new tech into your game. I’ll be using the Savage Worlds system for this particular exercise, but the methods we’re going to go over can be... Continue Reading →

The Ivory Tooth of Kostoss

Looking to spice up a game with a unique item? Behold: the Ivory Tooth of Kostoss! The Tooth is a figurine, about three inches (eight centimeters) tall, carved from an enormous tooth. The tooth might better be called a fang, as its pointed shape clearly indicates. Terrible rumors are whispered about the Tooth: that anyone... Continue Reading →

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