GE22: 5 Geeky Things to Do During a Hurricane

If you came here looking for the show notes for our episode covering Minecraft, Jonathan gave you the wrong URL. We are very sorry for this. Please go to GE23: Minecraft Resources for Beginners. Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and devastation across a multitude of communities.  It killed people.  It caused power outages.  It flooded homes. ... Continue Reading →

The Michael Rohan Memorial Fund RPG Bundle

Recently, Kevin Rohan of Silver Gryphon Games and his family suffered the tragic loss of his son, Michael. In response, the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund (read all about it here) was started, and numerous publishers have banded together to give you over US $240 of product for $12 to support this fund. You can, and... Continue Reading →

The ZOMG! Indie Talks Podcast sale!

Indie Talks launches tomorrow! ZOMG! My new podcast hits the etherwaves with episode #0 on June 6th. On Indie Talks, you'll get to meet the people behind independent gaming. Also the people in front of it. And those slightly off to one side of it. As I'm preparing to record episode #4 tonight, and launching... Continue Reading →

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