GE25: 5 Great Sci-Fi Aliens

Aliens and Sci-Fi go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly Time. This episode shares 5 Great Science Fiction Aliens. There's only so much room in a top 5 list and we're bound to leave out some of your favorites.  Let us know what you think we got right and what you think we got oh... Continue Reading →

GE18: Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns

Akira Kurosawa defined the American western film and he did so with his Sengoku-jidai samurai films. This episode pays him homage. Jonathan reveals the Top 5 Kurosawa Westerns. These are cinematic masterpieces. 5-Throne of Blood Kagemusha The Hidden Fortress Yojimbo Seven Samurai TCPN Newsletter Each month, or thereabouts, our newsletter will be e-mailed to recipients.... Continue Reading →

GE16: 5 Great Soundtracks

Not everyone movie has a great soundtracks. Bad movies can have amazing soundtracks and amazing movies can have sucky soundtracks. Stay tuned til the end for the Mailbag segment. Jonathan reveals 5 Great Soundtracks. These soundtracks should appeal to various types of geeks. Star Wars Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Juno The Rocky Horror Picture Show... Continue Reading →

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