It’s good to have friends!

It's good to have friends! See people, here's a concrete example of why I have a policy of always being nice to folks whenever I can. A while back, I somehow managed to get in touch with game designer Alf Seegert online. He was a cool guy and we struck up something of an internet... Continue Reading →

GE20: 5 Favorite Star Wars Novels

Star Wars. Those two words are more evocative than many in the English language. Episode 20 goes Star Wars crazy with 5 of Jonathan's favorite Star Wars novels. So, take this list with you to your local library, favorite book store, or online ebook vendor. 5 Favorite Star Wars Novels: Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn... Continue Reading →

GE15: 5 GREAT Graphic Novels

What do you picture when you combine reading and Geeks Explicitly? Graphic novels of course. 5 Great Graphic Novels to be more precise. Jonathan reveals 5 Great Graphic Novels. They contain no superheroes, are not manga, and steer clear of non-fiction. Bone by Jeff Smith FABLES by Bill Willingham Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai Sin... Continue Reading →

Across the Pond : Review of Hexcommunicated

I’ve been reading and reviewing outside of my “comfort-zone” lately and, with "Hexcommunicated", I find myself yet again jealous of the wealth of different ideas out there that deserve recognition. Agent Tepes is a Hex agent, a Forced Amplified Entity in service to his country. Yet when he discovers a dangerous threat he finds himself... Continue Reading →

Reading While Writing

I took a little reading break to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month’s June younger sibling) where I managed to get a 50,000 word very rough draft of a fantasy novel completed in the 30 days. It’s a nerve wracking ball of fun every time I do anything related to NaNo. But my... Continue Reading →

The Inquisition: Trouble Characters

This is the first of a two-part article about trouble at your gaming table. I've divided my thoughts into two sections: dealing with trouble characters, and dealing with trouble players. I'll start with trouble characters, since they seem to be so much easier to deal with. The idea here is that all the players involved... Continue Reading →

Do You Know …

...where your towel is? Today is the day we remember the great (at least in my opinion) Douglas Adams. Personally, I'd prefer to celebrate by watching deadlines swoosh by, but most fans mark the day with a towel. Did you know that towels have alternative uses (other than drying yourself or avoiding the gaze of the... Continue Reading →

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