GE48: 5 Great Weird Al Music Videos

Weird Al Yankovic has parodied hit songs for more than three decades.  His newest album, Mandatory Fun, is #1 on the Billboard charts.  We celebrate this by recommending five of his great music videos. 5) Perform This Way 4) Smells Like Nirvana 3) White & Nerdy 2) Amish Paradise 1) Word Crimes Mailbag What Weird Al... Continue Reading →

GE47: Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon ($9.99 on Steam) puts you in control of your very own video game company.  Build it up from your parents' garage into a multi-million dollar corporation behind hit games.  YOU have the power. Mailbag What type of game do you most want to make in Game Dev Tycoon? Review Us...Please! If you... Continue Reading →

GE45: What the BLEEP!?!

You're minding your own business at the friendly local game store when someone unleashes a torrent of swears.  All you hear is "^#%*#( this and (&*$* you.  I can't believe you *#&#^#*&$ all my &^#$* armies" and so forth.  What are you to do? Community organizer Aaron Bostian shares his thoughts on swearing at the... Continue Reading →

GE44: 5 Gifts for Geek Dads

So your kids didn't get you what you really wanted for Father's Day? Don't panic! We got you covered. This episode offers 5 gifts any geek dad would love to have. Feel free to get one or more of them for yourself or a geeky dad you know. Han Solo in Carbonite Beach Towel-$24.95 Geek... Continue Reading →

GE43: Optimus Prime Dies

OOPS! Looks like we forgot the spoiler alert. Well, it should be no surprise to any '80s Kids out there that in 1986's classic film Transformers: The Movie that Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, dies at the hands of the evil Megatron who leads the Decepticons. This episode explains the importance of Prime's death. Jonathan expands... Continue Reading →

GE42: Top 5 Kevin Smith Films Part 1

New Jersey native Kevin Smith debuted as a director when his film Clerks was snatched up at the Sundance Film Festival. The black and white movie was filmed for under $30,000. This episode lists our top 5 of the films set in the View Askewniverse, which runs parallel to and sometimes within New Jersey.  ... Continue Reading →

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