GE45: What the BLEEP!?!

swearYou’re minding your own business at the friendly local game store when someone unleashes a torrent of swears.  All you hear is “^#%*#( this and (&*$* you.  I can’t believe you *#&#^#*&$ all my &^#$* armies” and so forth.  What are you to do?

Community organizer Aaron Bostian shares his thoughts on swearing at the game store.  He volunteers at Comics & Gaming Culpeper by running events and welcoming new gamers.  Please be warned that these show notes, like the recording, are explicit and contain swears!  You’ve been warned.

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GE43: Optimus Prime Dies

Optimus Prime dies
Optimus Prime dies

OOPS! Looks like we forgot the spoiler alert. Well, it should be no surprise to any ’80s Kids out there that in 1986’s classic film Transformers: The Movie that Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, dies at the hands of the evil Megatron who leads the Decepticons.

This episode explains the importance of Prime’s death. Jonathan expands the discussion beyond Prime’s death as catalyst for the film. He touches on universal mythology, Star Wars, a bit of religion (not much…we promise), and our own mortality.

If you’ve never seen the film or if you don’t own it, we highly recommend you pick it up. Amazon has it at an affordable price.

Transformers: The Movie
Transformers: The Movie

The show winds down with Jonathan telling a story that ties Transformers: The Movie in with the rebirth of Geeks Explicitly! We hope that you like Geeks Explicitly and that you will continue to listen as we bring you new episodes.


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GE41: How to Geek Out Your Wedding with Angelia Parenteau

Close your eyes and picture this scene in your mind. A woman wielding a hatchet hovers over a man sleeping on a couch. She prepares to smash into his head with the hatchet. Of what is this a scene? A wedding, of course,

Angelia Parenteau discusses her horror-themed wedding and tells how she geeked out her special day with the things she loves.

We apologize for the audio quality of this episode. Skype suffered technical difficulties that were not evident until after the episode was recorded. We regret the inconvenience this has caused.


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