Update on Jonathan's Podcasts

"For the times they are a-changin'" as Bob Dylan famously sang. Change can be very good and I hope the alterations to my shows will be positive. After much thought I have decided to close down Gamer Tunes. I am passionate about music for gamers and believe it to be an integral part of gamerdom.... Continue Reading →

Gamer Tunes #2: Nine Inch Nails

Gamer Tunes is here! Host Jonathan J. Reinhart transmits the 2nd Gamer Tunes episode. The show plays "Countdown" by Jupiter One and "Discipline" by Nine Inch Nails from their album The Slip. Promos for Geeks Explicitly and Wargaming Recon (my other, non-Troll in the Corner podcast) air at the end of the episode. Gamer Tunes... Continue Reading →

Gamer Tunes #1: Music to Game By

Gamer Tunes is here! Host Jonathan J. Reinhart unleashes his second podcast for the Troll in the Corner network. The show plays Enter Darkrider [Extended Remix] from the album Autumnal Slumber by Bryan Borgman of Bailey Records and the song I Wish I Were from the album The Lives of Dexter Perserson by Matthew Ebel.... Continue Reading →

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