Epic Level Artistry: Eric Quigley

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today at Troll in the Corner we have a really special Epic Level Artistry with the illustrator Eric Quigley. Not only was Eric kind enough to take the time to be interviewed but he also offered to do a tutorial on how to draw a really amazing and creepy monster, just in... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Ryan Rhodes

It's the middle of the month and time for another installment of Epic Level Artistry! This time we are stoked to have Ryan Rhodes, illustrator, graphic artist and RPG player. From science fiction, fantasy, western and/or steampunk, Ryan is able to lend his style to many different genres and infuses life and humor in many... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Devin Night

Welcome back to Epic Level Artistry, where we get to hear from the artists that illustrate the RPGs we know and love. For our second installment we have Devin Night, a designer, illustrator, teacher and family man out of the Midwest. In addition to designing crafts and weapons for your characters to drive and wield,... Continue Reading →

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