Epic Level Artistry: Michelle Nguyen

Here we are at the end of May with another installment of Epic Level Artistry! This time we have another Portland local, Michelle Nguyen! Again, with the hilarious stories of how Portland is a Big Small Town. My Spouse and I were hanging at the Stumptown Comic Festival when lo and behold, we ran into... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Adrian Ricker

Here we are in the month of May, kicking off Epic Level Artistry again! This month we have two great artists who both happen to reside in the city I hold dear to my heart and now live in: Portland, OR. I ran into Adrian (and next week's artist, Michelle) at Stumptown Comic Fest and... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Khairul Hisham

Another end of the month, another Epic Level Artistry! Today's installment is Epic indeed, as the talented and hilarious Khairul Hisham was willing to sit down and answer questions about his love for RPGs, Star Wars and admit he is maybe a little fixated on capybaras. Let's see what he has to say and check... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: James Stowe

Another middle of the month, another Epic Level Artistry! This month we are super lucky to have the amazing James Stowe. When James mentioned wanting to be interviewed for ELA, I will admit, I was floored. I was familiar with his work, Sidekick Quests, and being a gamer parent myself loved the aesthetic he brought,... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Kirsten Brown

Do you have dark dreams you wish you could bring to paper? Prefer RPGs where players aren't so much fighting to save the world so much as maintain their sanity? Does the idea of sharp teeth, tentacles and realities far stranger and less merciful than our own make you want to pick up your dice?... Continue Reading →

Epic Level Artistry: Jaydot Sloane

Another Epic Level Artistry, another amazing artist! This installment brings Jaydot Sloane, an illustrator, creator of the webcomics¬†Vanity Games and Apocalypse Girls and gamer. Jaydot is another person telling stories at the game table and on the page, an enthusiastic participant in both kinds of storytelling. One time she had me take pics of myself... Continue Reading →

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