Across the Pond : Review of Shades of War

Anyone who knows me or who has read my review of Thief will already realise I am a big fan of Sarah-Jane Lehoux. I was therefore eagerly anticipating the release of her second novel, Shades of War, when it came out last year. Believe me, it wasn’t a disappointment. Starting off in familiar territory, Sevy finds herself on... Continue Reading →

Across the Pond : Review of Thief

I originally wrote this a while ago but as the third book is out soon wanted to refresh everyone's memories. Look for my review of the second book, Shades of War, tomorrow. *Disclaimer. I know the author online but I bought my own copy of this book and she did not request a review I... Continue Reading →

Across the Pond : Stealing is Wrong

I hear a lot about theft of Intellectual Property from my writer friends (here and here) and it always annoys me when I hear about people's hard work being pirated. So when I saw this posted on Facebook I thought I would add a post here so more people will firstly be aware that horrid... Continue Reading →

Across the Pond: Review of "The Hoax"

Initially, I thought I had mistaken the genre; the story begins with a man, his resolve to conquer his drinking and his murder. A commonplace murder, except for the blood. However, as the tale unfolds you begin to sense that all is not commonplace, that there are far more intricacies lurking beneath the surface. Family... Continue Reading →

Across the Pond : Cons, Brit-style

Over the last few years, as my kids have got older, I realised that freedom is just over the horizon. In preparation I have been looking at various conventions being held in the UK that I may be able to attend at some point. One organiser that caught my eye was StarFury Conventions. They organise... Continue Reading →

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