The Gods of Aruneus – available today!

The latest Aruneus PDF has hit the streets! The Gods of Aruneus is available as of today, for $1.00 at Drive Thru RPG.

Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics, and lives of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie apocalypse.

Aruneus is a new world for use with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system. 100 years past, Aruneus experienced an apocalyptic event. Starting in a small village, a family infected by a strange sickness died, only to rise again several days later. Within weeks hordes of undead were roaming the Human empires, ravaging any warm blooded creature that fell in to their grasp. Aruneus was devastated – losing in a few years over 10 million sentient beings.

After 100 years of fending off a complete collapse, the sentient races are rebuilding their societies and for the first time there is hope that the undead menace can be destroyed and life given a chance to flourish again.

The Gods of Aruneus gives the divine backdrop in which the zombie apocalypse was formed. Have the gods abandoned this world?

  • Six gods
  • Six new Domains
  • A new threat for the world of Aruneus

You’ll find 10 pages of new material for use in your Aruneus campaign, or in any Pathfinder or d20/OGL game. You’ll also find a new, tougher class of zombie which not only turns humans, but other races as well!

Finally – an Aruneus update!

A rough from Aruneus module 1

With my shoulder finally cooperating again (I was knocked out of action for a bit of the old major surgery) I’m finally able to get back into writing, editing and layout.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking stock of everything I have written for the Aruneus project, and everything that still needs to be done.

I’ve added about 2000 words and done a lot of compiling, editing and moving around. I’m slowly being able to put more hours into this, which is a good thing. I want to get back on track and finish this first sourcebook as quickly as possible.

I’ve now got a bit of experience in doing print on demand as well, which will make layout and optimization of this book a whole heck of a lot easier (and faster).

I’m starting to get the last of the artwork I need to finish! I’ve made the decision that once Tim delivers the rest of the artwork he’s got on order, I’ll be using stock art I’ve already purchased to fill out the rest of the book where needed. I already have this on hand, and while it won’t be created on spec, it’s here already.

I’ve included an unfinished piece that Tim’s currently working on for the 1st module, because I like showing off new artwork and you all deserve to see some progress on this project! Note that this is an unfinished work and it will look a lot more polished by the time Tim’s done with it.

More updates on Argyle & Crew, Aruneus, and other cool stuff

A few updates on, well, just about everything I’m working on!

Starting with Argyle & Crew, there will be a new update posted on the Kickstarter project which features a brief example of play with old people (i.e. anyone not a kid). You can see all of the updates I’ve posted right here.  Speaking of the Kickstarter project, as of this writing it’s at 25%!  In 5 days, that’s very good!  I know it’s coming right at GenCon, so I appreciate anything and everything that people are doing to help me out, whether it’s contributing to the project, spreading the word or cheering me on!

A few quick facts about Argyle & Crew.

  • It will weigh in at over 30 pages and under 50 pages once all of the commissioned artwork and layout is completed.
  • It will cost $2.99 for the PDF and as low as I can get it for the printed version – hopefully $12.99 or less.
  • As long as there are adults around to interpret the rules, kids as young as 4 can play and enjoy the game.
  • It has optional rules to add varying degrees of structure, right up to a lightweight RPG so adults can enjoy it just as much.
  • It features sock puppets heavily.
  • It will be printed with a Creative Commons license, allowing free sharing.
  • It has this ninja in it.

Moving right along, I’d like to point you to some great reviews of existing Aruneus and Pathfinder products I’ve writtenGaming Tonic reviewed six of my PDFs and said some great things about them!

Speaking of previously published Aruneus and Pathfinder works – they’re all on sale for the next few days.  You can get the whole collection for $7.49.  That’s 8 Pathfinder compatible PDFs, seven of which are concerned with Arunes and one print and play board game called Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!).

I’m still working heavily in the world of Aruneus.  I’ve got a preview of the Supplicant class for you below (not terribly edited and layout work just started). It’s so fresh, you can see that I haven’t taught word all of my vocabulary yet.  I was able to get a first editorial pass done tonight on it, as well as close to 1,000 words (and one table) in to the Quantamancer class.

That’s where I’m spending most of my free time these days.

More Aruneus work – two new classes coming soon!

Two new images from the forthcoming Supplicant class. This class is for use in Pathfinder games, and specifically in the Aruneus setting.

The Supplicant is one of the two new classes to be introduced with the source book.  They are all about using the ambient divine power in the universe to combat the undead. They specialize in this to the point where they can emulate zombies to a startling degree.

Here you’ll find the Supplicant’s BAB progression and special abilities:

And here is the rough of the actual cover:

I’m currently working on the cover and doing some initial layout work for the class itself. This class will be bundled in a PDF with the Quantamancer class – another new Pathfinder/Aruneus class which can manipulate reality to their advantage.

Aruneus is a high fantasy setting which has experienced an apocalyptic undead uprising. The game setting takes place 100 years after the event, as societies are just pulling themselves back from the brink of extinction.

The Herbology of Aruneus – a new expansion PDF for Pathfinder and the World of Aruneus

The newest expansion to the World of Aruneus arrived at DriveThruRPG this morning!  The Herbology of Aruneus is now available for $0.99.  This PDF features artist Hayley Ehrenfeld, our youngest artist in our new artists series!

Several years ago, a fascinating manuscript was found in the private library of Milas Sto, one of the luminary Quantamancers of the heady days before the undead apocalypse.

Welcome to the Herbology of Aruneus, detailing six plants with extraordinary properties that can be found throughout the world of Aruneus.

Each of these wonderous plants can also be used to create Extracts. These simple combinations of ingredients have magic-like effects without radiating magical power.

The Herbology of Aruneus includes the following:

  • Hand of Death
  • Extract of Remove Diseas
  • Sunray
  • Extract of Heat
  • Bluebell
  • Extract of Charm Animal
  • Forest Choker
  • Extract of Negate Aroma
  • Elven Illuminos
  • Extract of Low Light Vision
  • Pureberry
  • Pureberry Extract

The State of Aruneus

Hello again!  It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and talked Aruneus, zombies and where I am in the production of this source book.  I’m a bit overdue.

The long and short of it is, I took a two month hiatus from the project, for a variety of reasons I’ll get in to in just a little bit. But before I get in to all of that, let’s start of with the good news (there really isn’t any bad news either!) When last I talked about the Aruneus universe, Mirkmoot’s second magical item compendium had just been launched and Mirkmoot had been officially added to the Aruneus book.  He’s out and about, doing his thing and you can find him right here.  Next up:

( Click any of the pictures to make them larger and more formidable.) At long last, the next installment in the Aruneus PDFs is just about ready for publication!  The Herbology of Aruneus will be arriving in a day or two.  It features a new type of magical item, the Elixir, as well as a study of six magical plants with a variety of interesting properties that can by use by, for and against your party of adventurers.  The Herbology features artwork by our youngest contributor, Hayley, who was 13 at the time she created the watercolors for this PDF.

Now, on to why I took the hiatus, and what’s going on with the rest of Aruneus.

It wasn’t really planned, but a number of things lined up to make me want to take a break.  First, I was weary!  The day job had taken over much more of my life, and as the dude writing down all this stuff, I needed a change of pace.  When a completely unrelated idea (you can read more about that here) popped in to my head of its own accord, I decided to take a few weeks and work on that. This was just the kind of break I needed. I was still feeling creative but wasn’t creating a broken, barren, undead dominated world.

The next factor was that two of my go to people, who really help with my creative drive, suddenly found themselves diverted and doing different things – out of necessity, and of no fault of their own.

Add to that my key artist finding himself with a third child (congrats Tim!) and well, there was no new material flowing in to me, and not as many people to bounce my own ideas off of as I was used. to.  So that’s that.  Now I’ve gotten a huge chunk of my other project done, and done to my satisfaction so I’m returning to Aruneus recharged and ready to go!

A work in progress are the two new classes. The Supplicant class is finished (some rough artwork for this featured above) and I’m really excited about them.  What better way to fight the undead than taking the ambient energy of the divine that is enmeshed within the cosmos and using it to kick some undead ass?

Along with the Supplicant class, the Quantamancers are getting started.  I don’t have much more than my notes prepared, but the class is essentially laid out in my head and just needs to make it to paper, where it can be beaten about and broken until it works.

Let’s not forget the Gods of Aruneus now either.  This will feature artwork from Seth Kumpf and will go in to depth about the missing gods of Aruneus, as well as have a few new surprises in the way of divine magic and power.  That’s just a rough of the cover, by the way.  This work is coming along nicely, but there’s still a lot to do.

Lastly, there are the two adventures.  The Haunted Mine sits in a state of near completion. It’s about eighty percent written and 25 percent illustrated.  This is the introductory, 1st level adventure for the World of Aruneus. It’s been played many times now, run by myself and a few others. I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on it and it’s ready to go, as soon as I get it ready to go that is.

The second adventure has been played twice now, and all of the notes are in place. I’d put it at about 25% done with only about 10% of the artwork there for it, but it’s started!

There will be a few other additions to the final product as well, which won’t make their way in to PDF format before the final release, and which I won’t be talking about much until they’re ready to go.

I was also planning on having an atlas of some sort, with an overview of the world and a few more detailed maps.  At this point I’m not sure if that will be possible. I had, at one point or another, several folks working on this but they all seem to have faded away.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of art for the game, some new, some old.  Enjoy!


The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies 2.0! The new PDF is here!

Fresh off the layout artist’s computer, the newest and last iteration of the Contagion Infected Zombies for the World of Aruneus have arrived! More streamlined, easier to run, more effective against races other than human and more bits falling off in gory and dramatic ways.

This new supplement contains everything you will need to insert Contagion Infected Human Zombies into any Pathfinder campaign. Whether you’re basing your campaign in the world of Aruneus or simply want to include a zombie outbreak in an existing or new campaign world, this supplement is for you.

Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics and life of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie apocalypse.

This publication conatains:

A brief history of Aruneus

Stat blocks and Special Attributes for three types of Contagion Infected Human Zombies:


A new rule: Head Shot

Four new feats

Demographics for the world of Aruneus before and after the zombie apocalypse.

Encounter Charts

New Magic Item: The Vial of Life

Newly revised with all errata to date added in, a brand new layout and new art!

Still just a buck.

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What’s new with Aruneus

We’re a few days in to 2011 and getting closer to completion of the Aruneus project!  Here’s a brief overview of where the project stands and what’s coming soon.

In late 2010, the Zombies and Orcs each went through several rounds of playtesting with great results.  The Zombies are in the process of being revised a final time.  The Orcs will see a few changes but overall they’re doing well as a race for Aruneus and Pathfinder.

Good old Mirkmoot is nearly done.  I’m just waiting for two more pieces of art from the incomparable Tim Reardon – other than that the document itself is in the hands of my layout artist Eric Vernon.  He’s in the process of putting it all together right now, along with the revised zombies.

Another expansion document nearly done is the Herbology of Aruneus.  I’m planning on having the draft over to Nick, my Editor, by Friday.  This expansion will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 pages in length and will deal with six species of plants found in and around Aruneus which have magical properties.

When I first started the Aruneus project, one of my primary goals after creating the source book itself, was to employ non RPG industry people who wanted to get their feet in the door and gain some experience working on this indie project.  The cool thing about this from my side of things is that I’ve met a number of interesting folks who are all wildly skilled in areas that I am not.  One of those folks is 13 year old Hayley Ehrenfeld.  Hayley has provided the artwork for the Herbology.  In continuing with my policy of being open about the development of all things Aruneus, I’ve put up the complete gallery of Hayley’s works.

The Herbology of Aruneus should be available in a week or two at DriveThruRPG.

I’m about 1/3 done with the two new characters which will be featured in one document.  The Supplicant is complete, although I’ve yet to create the necessary NPCs.  The Quantamancer currently exists as a series of notes and thoughts but I’ll be organizing them soon.

The first adventure, The Haunted Mine is at 75% completion.  Artwork and lots of polish are needed but I’m getting there.  The second adventure currently exists as my play notes when I ran my party through it.  Lots of shuffling will have to take place on that one.

That, my friends, is the state of Aruneus as of January 2011.

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