And now for something completely different – Music

A long time ago, in a galaxy somewhere up in New Hampshire, I used to play in a band. I’ve always loved music and have always fooled around a bit with musical production. Over the past year or so I’ve very much gotten into electronic and dubstep music – mostly because I love having something trance-like on while I’m thinking, writing and creating. Over the past month, I was given the opportunity (free time) and the tools (Garage Band, electronic instruments) to actually create something of my own. So I did.

Musivational is what I’m calling it. The concept behind the music is a re-imaging of my childhood in the 80’s. It’s influenced strongly by my own memories, awesome 80’s flicks, shows like Stranger Things and the artwork of Simon Stålenhag…i-tech-were-real which you should really check out if you’ve not already.

This is a complete, 100% experiment on my part. The neat thing is – I’m actually launching an album which will be available from just about all electronic music distribution formats. iTunes, Play, Amazon and the rest. Here are links to two songs if you’d like to check them out. The actual album drops January 23rd. This will be the first, and possibly the only time I’ve ever tried to make money from music. We’ll see how it goes. It cost me very little to do this. I can make back what I’m spending to keep this album in circulation (which is approximately the cost of a nice dinner) for a year, I’ll keep going with projects like these. If I can’t? Well, at least I’ll have done this!

Please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism always welcome!

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