More activity – maybe a new direction – more reviews!


Like it usually does, life has a way of happening. Sometimes the site ebbs and sometimes it flows. Hopefully, with some big old life stuff now out of the way or in the rear-view mirror, the flowing will be starting again! You may have noticed some more reviews popping up. You may also have noticed that soon to be 11 year old has taken an interest in reviewing games as well.

You should be seeing more reviews from the both of us starting two weeks ago and continuing on for as long as we can manage! I’ve got a number of unplayed games in my collection and I’m doing my best (with my youngest daughter’s help) to get them all out to the table and played. My goal for right now is at least one decent review a week. With the holidays coming up I don’t know if that’ll be sustainable but I’m going to try my best!

You may also see a few other authors stopping in from time to time to add to the general pile of game reviews.

If you’ve been to the site before, thanks for coming back! If not, welcome and we hope you’ll stick around!

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