Extra Life 2016 – Five years of helping kids and playing games!


Hard to believe that come November 5th, I’ll be hosting my 5th Extra Life game day! In that time I’ve raised over $9000 for children’s hospitals and Team Troll has raised over $18000! Why do this? Not only is it a great and worthy cause, but my now nearly 11 year old daughter has spent a good amount of time at Boston Children’s Hospital and we know what good work they do. She’s also been an incurable gamer for pretty much her entire life!

First and foremost, if you’d like to donate to my campaign, click this here link! You should know that I’m looking to raise at least $2200 this year. If I hit my goal, I will (as I have the pst four years) shave off all of my facial hair. No beard, no mustache, no goatee, no sideburns – no nuthin! I’m also toying with the idea of perhaps dyeing my hair a funky color like green if I get way past my goal.

What is Extra Life? It’s a 501(3)c charitable organization tied in with the Children’s Miracle Network who raise money to help fund children’s hospitals around the world. In this event, participants go on a marathon gaming session, this year it’s 25 hours! In a row! Thanks daylight savings time! I’ll be playing games for 25 hours and you’ll be sponsoring me to do so. Together we’ll raise money and help kids get better.

Throughout the day I host a what’s essentially a small board game convention at my house. My wife and kids are a driving force behind this and we have a rotating cast of awesome folks who drop by to play games, help keep me awake and focused and help to raise money for the cause themselves! I’ve included a batch of photos from last years event at the bottom of the post if you are curious.

Over the next few months I’ll be doing several things – first and foremost I’ll be asking everyone under the sun to contribute to my Extra Life page. That’s how I raise money for this awesome charity. As I mentioned with the mini-convention, we have tons of folks stopping by (usually upwards of 40 people throughout the day). I like to have games handy for them to take home as encouragement to get them out, playing and donating! To this end, my wife and I supply some of the games but we also ask publishers for donations. These donations we use towards several purposes. We give ’em out to participants at my event and some other team member’s events. We also select a few and play them on our game day.

That’s the scoop! You’ll be hearing more about it as November 5th draws closer, I’m sure! Now here’s some photos from last year’s event!

20151107_062259 20151107_065901 20151107_074637 20151107_112004 20151107_131216 jaipu2

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