Luca’s Gaming Corner – Jaipur



Jaipur takes place in the desert, trading goods to other people. This fun game is age 12+ and takes around 30 minutes to play. Now, this game is unique because this is a 2 player game only. I think that is unique because most games can have more than 2 players. This game is made by Sébastien Pauchon and published by Asmodee.

Set Up

You start off by making a row with 3 camel cards and 2  goods cards. Then shuffle the deck. Deal out 5 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards next to the row. After all that, you want to put all the goods tokens from greatest to least, which means you should see the highest number on top. The last thing you do to set up, is to remove all the camels from your hand and put it out in front of you. If you don’t have any camels then you do nothing.

How to Play

The first player gets to chose if they want sell goods, which means they can trade cards in for tokens which are worth points at the end of the game or you can buy cards (goods) to save up to eventually sell goods. When you sell goods you make a discard pile and take the top tokens. The second player does the same thing by selling goods or buying goods. If you sell 3,4, or 5 cards (goods) then you get an extra bonus token. Those are worth extra points at the end of the round. The Camel Token is earned by the person with the most camels at the end of the round.  The end of the round is over when there are 3 piles of goods tokens gone. Add up all the points and the one with the most points in tokens gets a Seal of Excellence. Once you play 2 more rounds whoever has the most Seals of Excellence win.


I give this game a 9/10. This game is amazing. I do wish you could somehow trade cards (goods) with each other. But over all I love this game. I play this game a lot with my dad(even though he beats me every time).



(A note from the editor: Luca is my 10 year old daughter. She’s been a gamer for just about her entire life and over the last few years has played a variety of non-family, non-kid games with me, my wife and friends. Some of her current favorites are the DC Deck Builder series, Isle of Skye, Love letter and a little game called Swamped. 

She’s been interested in writing game reviews for a while now and I’m slowly showing her the ropes here on Troll. I’ll edit her writing for format and spelling (as best I can) but I’ll leave her style to her.) 



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