Luca’s Gaming Corner: Ninja – Silent but Deadly


Ninja is a amazing game. You will love this game if you love hiding stuff.

Ninja is recommended 6+ but anyone can play. Just make sure little ones don’t eat the cards. Up to 10 players can play. Ninja was made by Ben Gerber and published by Button Shy Games.

This game is very long. Why? Because you hide a card and it may take a while for the other person to find it. There are many ways to play Ninja.

How to play

You get a wallet that says Ninja on it. Take a card and do what it says. If you grab one with a number you can just hide it anywhere. Wait until the other player finds it and that person will have to guess who hid it and then hide it back on them. Repeat until you want to end the game. No one wins!


I give this game a 9/10. One thing, I wish there is a way where you can play and not wait a while until the other player finds it. I definitely recommend this game to everyone!

(A note from the editor: Luca is my 10 year old daughter. She’s been a gamer for just about her entire life and over the last few years has played a variety of non-family, non-kid games with me, my wife and friends. Some of her current favorites are the DC Deck Builder series, Isle of Skye, Love letter and a little game called Swamped. 

She’s been interested in writing game reviews for a while now and I’m slowly showing her the ropes here on Troll. I’ll edit her writing for format and spelling (as best I can) but I’ll leave her style to her. Luca also chooses which games she reviews.)

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