Troll in the Corner

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/27/15

Castles, talismans and aliens, oh my!

XCOM – The Board Game is 33% off today at $40.35.

Talisman is 38% off today at $40.94 – but only if you roll a 3.

The Hobbit Card Game from FFG is 38% off at a measly $6.17.

TMG’s Harbour, though out of stock, can be had at $11.75 or 41% off.  It’ll ship Prime once it’s back in stock.

Carcassonne – New Edition is 36% off today at $22.27.

Dominion Intrigue can be played as an expansion or a stand alone game and it’s 38% off or $27.99.

Long time out of print now back in print game San Juan is 37% off at $21.89.

Finally, Feld’s Castles of Burgundy is 37% off at $26.37.