Troll in the Corner

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/11/15

Let’s start today off with a game that got many of us into the hobby. Munchkin is 69% off at $7.70 which is a fantastic deal.

Illusio is 48% off at $12.95.

Sticking with Passport Games, Kalua is 36% off at $17.39.

Stronghold Games has a bunch of titles at least 30% off today, including Space Cadets at 37% off or $37.95. Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly Futile at 50% off or $14.95. Space Cadets: Die Fighter is 41% off at $20.55. Among the Stars is 34% off at $33.04. Kanban: Automotive Revolution is 31% off at $41.37. Panamax is 34% off at $39.78.

Terra Mystica is 31% off today at $54.91.

Cyclades is 35% off today at $42.41.

All of these have Prime shipping.