Troll in the Corner

Daily Board Game Deals – 8/4/15

Kicking things off with some Diskwars goodness! While the base game is not wonderfully discounted, Diskwars is 27% off at $29.01. The two expansions are pretty well discounted. Legions of Darkness is 40% off at $17.99 and Hammer and Hold is 43% off at $16.95 which could give you a pretty good set of games at a decent price.

The Star Trek Original Series Deck Building game is 49% off at $17.99.

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire is 60% off at $9.99 (Ron Perlman not included).

Knizia’s The Hobbit is 66% off at $11.76.

Galactic Strike Force is 62% off at $15.19.

Wizard’s Brew is 48% off at $15.50.

Gearworld is 66% off at $16.91.

Shafausa is a whopping 73% off at $15.99.