Come Take a Look at a Former Troll in the Corner Writer/Editor’s New Let’s Play Channel

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.58.46 AM
Hey Troll Fans, it’s been far too long!Those who may remember the early days of the site know that I used to post here as Nundahl many moons ago.  I hit a point where work/life balance just made it too much to continue writing for Troll in the Corner and over time we drifted apart.  This makes me sad.

Lately, my brother and I have started a new project – and it may be a little less intellectual and a little less tabletop gaming related, but it’s still a lot of fun.

I’d love it if you’d give us a look, I’ll link two videos below for your convenience and if you enjoy it, maybe pop over and give us a Subscribe!

Channel Trailer:

Super Meat Boy Episode where we talk about D&D, and the conversation carries in the video that follows it telling about our first RPG experiences:

Thanks so much everybody and thanks to Ben for letting me do some ugly self promotion!

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