Kick The Box May 11th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

May 11th Edition

Welcome to the second week in May edition of Kick The Box. This weeks findings during our sight seeing stroll down Kickstarter Avenue includes a semi cooperative game, filming of some new video episodes, a new 4x space themed board game, and some hand made crochetted dice bags, deck boxes and other items.

Kickstarter News: Edo’s story telling, Goonies inspired card game, The Siblings Trouble has hit their 48 hr. mark fully funded and first two stretch goals down! Dog Might Games is going to be busy making some gorgeous Adventure Boxes!! They have almost 300 backers and close to $50,000 raised with three weeks still left! Congratulations Scott King for his funding of National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti campaign!! Artem’s set collecting, tile laying game, Cauldronis only $200 from being funded at the time of this writing!! Who will be the one to push it over it’s funding goal?

Swamped: A Game of Adventure, Secrets and Deadly Peril

Project By: Dennis Hoyle

In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard, our own Ben Gerber is close to having his first published game by Bellweather Games.

Swamped is a semi cooperative, 2-4 player game. All the players will have to cooperate as a team to find the rare herb; a rare herb that is hidden deep in the swamp lands. As you travel deeper into the dangerous swamp, players hidden agendas may put the team in dangerous situations and perilous circumstances.

Each player, on their turn, will have the opportunity to control the community boat. Players will be trying to maneuver the boat to benefit not only the main objective, but their own hidden ulterior motive. Push your luck too far and you may find yourself running out of time, or worse, staring down the long tapering snout of a crocodile.

If these perilous conditions arise, than it is time for everyone to decide to work together to get out alive, or do they?

Pilot Season: Four New Shows from Zombie Orpheus

Project By: Zombie Orpheus

Zombie Orpheus is trying to fund four new pilot episodes for four very different and unique shows. After the ten minute pilots are filmed, edited, and produced, backers will chose one of the shows to be lucky enough to get at least a first season produced.

The four shows are The Brass, Demon Hunters Red Tape, The Mirror Game, and The Gamers: The Series. Each of the four shows offer unique storylines, characters, and settings.

The Brass follows a celebrated 19th Century Victorian family as they track down their arch nemesis who has traveled to the future, Seattle 2015.

Demon Hunters Red Tape is a comedy based on Dead Gentleman’s original Demon Hunter movies. This smash up of The Office and Supernatural goes behind the scenes of the demon hunting organization.

The Mirror Game is a mixture of coming of age teen angst and Lovecraftian horrors. A band of nerdy teens discover that the online urban legend, The Mirror Game, is actually real. And worse yet, it is a portal being used by The Great Old Ones. The kids go off to save the world, all before dinner time.

And last but not least, you have The Gamers: The Series. The original cast is back as they look to film their pilot episode also. This time. the fantasy heroes that have been stuck in our boring, mundane world have found a way to return to their homeworld. A portal has opened up and allowed The Shadow into our world. Now the group of friends are faced with the tough decision whether to return back home through the portal or stay and help thwart The Shadows evil plans.

Game Gear & Geekery

Project By: Tabletop Crafts

I covered Tabletop Crafts first successful Kickstarter, Knitted Knerd Dice Bags back in June of 2014. Now Chelle has launched another Kickstarter campaign, Game Gear & Geekery.

Not only is she offering the geektastic dice bags in the shape of Bobomb, Cthulhu, and others, but also keychain dice bags, and deck boxes in the shape of a certain plumber’s question block, treasure chest, and handheld video game.

The dice bags will hold about 20 standard sized dice and the deck boxes hold up to 275 unsleeved cards. There are also some other little knick knack items that can be obtained through the campaign, as well as a tabletop mat, and the crochet patterns for you DIY’ers.

Suggest you check it out so you can add some cute, hand made bling to your game collection.

Shadowstar Corsairs

Project By: Ryan Wolfe

Grab your space helmets, ship, and troops! It’s time to head to the Shadowstar Expanse to claim your rights as the ruler of the area. The ConFederation authorities have granted all of you letters of marque. You can do as you may to claim your stake. Only your negotiation, flying, and combat skills, and maybe a little bit of lady luck, will be what sets you a part from the rest of the scoundrels!

Shadowstar Corsairs is a 4x(explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) game for 2-4 players. Players will be able to combat with troops or ships, upgrade their crew and ships, harvest vital resources, craft new weapons, buy new ships, and much, much more. Each move, politically, financially, or militarily, will help you collect resources and complete Political, Tech, and Contract cards for reputation points. If your ship is destroyed, you can easily obtain a new one. It isn’t going to help your reputation though.

Players turns are quick. Move, perform an action, and than attack. Combat is resolved with one card and one die roll for minimized downtime. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of the game. I suggest you check out their campaign page.

That wraps up this weeks highlights! Be sure to check out last weeks podcast with game designer, Artem Safarov about his game Cauldron. Until next week, what’s in your Kickstarter que this week?


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