Swamped! Less than a week away from Kickstarter and here’s what we know….

Coming to Kickstarter on May 6th!
Coming to Kickstarter on May 6th!

Ahh, the swamp. It’s a dangerous place, full of intrigue, hidden treasures, secret motives and one very large crocodile. It’s also my first professionally published game! For 2-4 players, ages 13+ playing in 20-30 minutes.

Swamped is coming to Kickstarter on May 6th from Bellwether Games! A semi-cooperative game of adventure, peril and Treasure where players are moving through a swamp searching for a rare herb that can cure diseases. Each player takes a turn steering the boat to find the herb. But the swamp has many other treasures as well so players may try to steer the boat away from its intended goal to increase their own wealth.

Check out that art!
Check out that art!

In the game, players navigate their shared vessel through a dangerous water-logged jungle in search of lucrative natural resources. Your expressed goal is to help “save the world,” but as time runs out, your own secret motives may lead everyone into deadly peril. Secret motives you say? Each player takes on the role of one of many characters in the game.

Let’s meet the Photojournalist, one of the characters from the game. The photojournalist was hired to document the mission and tell the world about the team’s amazing adventure into the swamp. Why? Well, the employer wants the world to know what great lengths it takes to find and create life-saving chemicals. It’s great publicity, and the photojournalist is a highly skilled photographer who can tell the story better than anyone. The only problem? The photojournalist has traveled some of the most dangerous paths in the world already and believes this swamp is a “piece of cake” in comparison. So, deeper and deeper in the swamp we go…Will we get out? Nobody knows…

The Photojournalist
The Photojournalist

The game ends when players escape the swamp with three herbs (and other treasures), when the swamp crocodile attacks the boat, or when the card pile is exhausted (leaving players stranded in the swamp).

So what else can I tell you about this game? Dennis from Bellwether Games and I have been collaborating on this game for a year and a half and I think it really shows. Jonathan Logan Clark (who did the artwork and graphic design for Bellwether’s Antidote) has also been doing a fantastic job with the artwork, as you can see!

The game takes much of what we love about some of the larger box games that run $40-$80 and boils it down to a micro-game sized package. Don’t let the size fool you though because there’s a lot of game in the box, and you’ll be able to get it for far less than the $40-$80 price tag.

Want to know more as soon as you can? Here’s what you can do! Stop by the Swamped page on Facebook (and like us while you’re there too). Check out the game on Board Game Geek and keep your eyes on Kickstarter for our May 6th launch!



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