Kick The Box April 20th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

April 20th Edition

The month of April on Kickstarter continues to impress as some great tabletop games and accessories have been launched. This week’s highlights include Eduardo’s The Siblings Trouble, Stonemaier’s Treasure Chests, Mike Selinker’s Apocrpha and The BattleBards must have soundtrack to your games and RPGs. More about them after the news.

Kickstarter News: Scott Almes Best Treehouse Ever finished it’s campaign fully funded with 2,288 backers! T-DICE is now fully funded with two weeks left in their campaign. Valeria: Card Kingdoms did very well. They finished their Kickstarter campaign with over $63,000 raised! Still not too late to pre-order yourself or a friend a copy!

The Siblings Trouble

Project By: Eduardo Baraf

As I mentioned in last week’s Kickstarter News section, Edo’s new story telling cooperative card game, The Siblings Trouble, launched this past Tuesday. I was excited when, by pure adventuring luck, I managed to be the first backer to his new campaign. (Sorry Ben!)

The Siblings Trouble is designed to rekindle adventures inspired by youthful imagination through story telling. This thirty minute game has an adventure deck that is built at the beginning of the game. In the Adventure Deck are Location Cards, Path Cards, A Big Secret Card, and End of Adventure cards; all beautifully illustrated to help you and up to three of your friends and family, of all ages from young kids to Grandparents, narrate a story of adventure that could have very well taken place in your very own backyard.

The game is heavily inspired by classic, coming of age movies such as Goonies and Stand by Me with a dash of Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away among many others) inspiration for good measure.

The Siblings Trouble will have story tellers of all ages and experience sharing adventures with their friends and family. For more details about the game and Eduardo himself, be sure to check out this Friday’s(4/24/15) podcast with him as our guest.


Project By: Battlebards LLC

Battlebards LLC is wanting to expand their already phenomenal audio catalog with a subscription tier Kickstarter campaign. Battlebard will have over 500 different types of audio tracks available and looking to expand it to 1,000+ by early 2016.

The fantasy audio tracks range from different race language packs to monsterscape audio tracks for different types of creatures, to tracks that feature robust background ambiance cavern, tavern, and many more locations sounds. You can easily search for tracks that meet your needs as a GM or create a soundboard that will have the sounds and audio tracks needed at your finger tips. For complete control, a mixer is available to mix your tracks together for a complete customized soundtrack to your adventures.

If you are a GM that is looking for the ultimate sound catalog for your fantasy adventures, than be sure to check out what Battlebards has to offer.

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

Project By: Lone Shark Games

Box and cards mockup. Image not final.

Apocrypha is the brainchild of Mike Selinker (C0-Designer of Lords of Vegas, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, plus many others) and the fine folks at Lone Shark Games.

Apocrypha is a card driven RPG set in a modern post apocalyptic world. Players are “Saints” that can see monsters lurking about the various locations in the world. Each players character will grow stronger as cards are added to their character deck. As the characters grow and powers expand over multiple play sessions, they will also start to grow more unstable.

Each session will last roughly sixty minutes. The game will seat 1-6 players. Each session can be chosen to either run with a player acting as a GM or in a fully cooperative mode, without a GM. Each different session can be tailored to fit either one of the play styles. Just because you played with a player acting as a GM the first session, doesn’t mean you have to in any future sessions if you so choose.

During a round table discussion with Mike Selinker and Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games during a remote podcast at Gamestorm Convention with Punching Cardboard, he touches briefly on the project, Aporcrypha.

Three New Treasure Chests of Realistic Resource Tokens

Project By: Jamey Stegmaier

The dimensions of each token are a little over 1 cm (height, width, length).

Stonemaier Games has released upon the world, not one, but THREE different Treasure Chests to tempt your wallet. Each Treasure Chest has six different beautifully sculpted resource tokens made out of resin. These can be used for upgrading components to a numerous amount of board games that are probably in your collection.

Every Treasure Chest, at the time of this writing(more could be unlocked per stretch goal) will contain twenty three tokens of each resource. The Food Crate contains resource tokens for steak, coffee, crate, bread, grain, and corn, while The Resource Vault contains water, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, and steel. The third Treasure Chest, The Energy Box, contains tokens for the resources fire, gas, oil, uranium, coal, and trash. If you have been looking to kick those colored wooden cubes to the side and spruce up your games, than grab these while you can.

That’s it for this week! Return next week to see what highlights will be begging for your hard earned cash! As always, leave any comments and suggestions below.

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