It’s official! My game Swamped being brought to Kickstarter on May 6th by Bellwether Games!


Swamped – A Semi-Cooperative Game of Adventure, Secrets, & Deadly Peril

This is the first sample of in-game artwork we’ve been able to release and I’m incredibly excited to share it! Especially after a year of play testing with cards that don’t look anywhere near as good as those featured here. I’m also really digging the Swamped logo!

Swamped is a game for 2-4 players, taking 20-30 minutes to play, ages 8+. I suppose you’d call it a micro game because it will weigh in at around 40 cards and three tokens when done.

In the game, players navigate their shared vessel through a dangerous water-logged jungle in search of lucrative natural resources. Your expressed goal is to help “save the world,” but as time runs out, your own secret motives may lead everyone into deadly peril.

The game ends when players escape the swamp with three herbs (and other treasures), when the swamp crocodile attacks the boat, or when the card pile is exhausted (leaving players stranded in the swamp). You can still download the slightly outdated Print and Play game/rules from BoardGameGeek up until the Kickstarter goes live.

In designing this game, we took a lot of the elements we love from much larger games and boiled them down to the bits we liked most. Different characters, cooperative overarching goals with hidden win goals for each player and a neat movement mechanic we’ve not really seen before. All of that and a bunch of multi-use cards that form an ever changing swamp populated with exotic wildlife and a changing cast of characters. You can read the first review (based on the PnP art and rules only) over at BoardGameGeek.

Dennis from Bellwether Games has put a ton of work into developing this title and the result is an amazing game. Add to that the artwork you see above by Jonathan Logan Clark and it’s beautiful as well!

I feel there’s really a lot of game in this title, with tons of replayability!  I’ve been playing it for over a year now and I still thoroughly enjoy it, although I’m admittedly a bit biased. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

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