Kick The Box March 30th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

March 30th Edition

March has been a brutal month to our wallets for the tabletop gaming community, and there seems to be no signs of slowing down! A couple of this week’s highlights I snuck in right before the final buzzer of their campaign, so don’t dilly dally about checking them out if they look interesting to you! Also, be sure to check out last week’s podcast with Suzanne from Board Game Breakfast and Board Game Blender on The Dice Tower Network and Part 1 of two part coverage series of our local convention, Gamestorm with Mike Selinkter (Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game) and Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games.

Kickstarter News: Above and Below had an amazing campaign as they finished up with well over $142,000 pledged funds! Burgle Bros. has also surpassed the $147,000 mark in their campaign and still has four days left! Congratulations Tim! Vault Wars, designed by Jon Gilmour finished their campaign fully funded at over $65,000! Congratulations Jim and Co.!

 Best Treehouse Ever

Project By: Green Couch Games

Image enlarged to show detail.

Board Game Designer Scott Almes, (The Tiny Epic Series of Games, Martian Dice, Harbour, and more) has another hit on his hands with the successful funding of his latest game, Best Treehouse Ever. This time Scott has teamed up with Green Couch Games to help bring his latest creation to life.

Best Treehouse Ever is a light card drafting game that pits players against one another in the epic childhood battle of building the most envious tree house on the block. Players will simultaneously choose a room from their hand of cards and than pass the rest to the player to their left. Than, after everyone reveals their card at the same time, they will add it to their tree house.

As you build your tree house, you have to be wary of which side of the tree you are building on. If you are not careful, you may lock yourself out of being able to build specific colored rooms for your tree house.

The player with the most points after the final scoring phase, wins.

Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter + 2nd Edition

Project By: Pleasant Company Games

Ancient Terrible Things was funded back in July of 2013 by Pleasant Company Games. The dice placement game is one that I have found thematic and enjoyable when it has hit the table. The artwork used in ATT is reminiscent of pulp magazines of the yesteryear with it’s haphazardly drawn, thick outlines and dark earth tones.

Pleasant Company Games is now using Kickstarter to gauge the public interest of a reprint of ATT and to help fund the printing of ATT’s first expansion. The expansion will include more of the same found in ATT, plus some new dice mechanics, card Travel Locations, Character Perks, new Encounter Card Types, and more.

If you missed ATT’s first print run, be sure not to miss their second print run with their new expansion. The campaign closes within the next couple days.


Project By: Andrew Harman


Wow! I can not believe I almost missed this! Andrew Harman (designer of the game Frankenstein’s Bodies) has a new game on Kickstarter, and apparently has for a few weeks now, because it is a couple hours below the forty eight hour mark at the time of this week’s posting.

I had the novel opportunity to interview Andrew Harman during his successfully funded Frankenstein’s Bodies campaign. Still, to this day, is one of my favorite interviews ever done whether by email or as a guest on my podcast.

The game Sandcastles is a light strategic game that has up to seven players competing to build the best sand castle before the next big wave comes crashing in on your fun.

Players will play cards that will help build their grandiose sand castle or steal other player’s sand castle cards. Also, while you are building and collecting points for completed castles, be sure to keep an eye on the random achievement cards that will grant you bonus points.

Of course, at the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

Valeria: Card Kingdoms

Project By: Daily Magic Productions

Only Kickstarter backers will get this one-time low price!

Valeria: Card Kingdoms is another game that was at Unpub 2015 that I didn’t get a chance to play, unfortunately. This beautifully illustrated game has players competing to be the next king of Valeria.

Players will be collecting resources for either purchasing power or fighting abilities. The mechanic that is used for collecting these resources has an interesting tweak. Each character in the upper left hand corner has a number. They also have two distinct sections at the bottom of the card that will denote what resources will be collected if the number is rolled. The left section represents what the active player gains, and the right side represents what all other players will collect on the die roll.

The active player rolls two dice. Any cards that match the numbers on the rolled dice are activated and resources collected. You also add the dice together. The creature with the same totaled number is ALSO activated. This gives an opportunity of possibly collecting resources from three different characters or domains in one turn

Surround yourself with villagers, dominate some domains, and slay some monsters for victory points, cause as everyone knows, he/she with the most points, wins!

 That concludes this week’s highlights! Be sure to check back next week as I dredge through the vast halls of Kickstarters for next week’s picks. Til than, Keep playin’ to be playin!

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