Kick The Box March 23rd 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

March 23rd Edition

Lots going on these last couple of weeks. I had the pleasure of my podcast, Docking Bay 94 collaborating with the guys from the Punching Cardboard Podcast  over the weekend at our local convention, Gamestorm. Two episodes will be posted in the next week. I believe the first episode released will be the round table discussion with Tasty Mintrel Games, Michael Mindes and Michael Selinker, the President of Lone Shark Games. The second episode is a rotation of different guests plugging their latest endeavors and us quick firing questions at them. They range from movie publishers to artists to game designers. Was a blast had by all! Now onto the news and this week’s picks!

Kickstarter News: Bottom of the 9th by Dice Hate Me Games is still going strong with a little over $50,000 raised so far for their Kickstarter campaign. They have just a couple days left in their campaign at the time of this writing. Resistor_ , another two player game, still has a little under two weeks left in their campaign and is completely funded and doing well. Above And Below has hit their 48 hour mark. So, don’t miss it if you are looking for a new type of story telling game.

Neon Sanctum

Project By: Grenade Punch Games

RPG’s are becoming more streamlined everyday and focusing more on the story telling aspect of role playing, as opposed to the mechanics and dice rolling aspect.

Neon Sanctum is another one of those RPG’s. I had the privilege of Grenade Punch Games sending me a prototype copy that included a couple of maps, the cards, and a link to the rules and tokens back in November of last year. Everything has a card; your weapons, items, skills, players, NPC mobs, and whatever else that is usable by the players or GM.

The cards are played from your hand to help with skill checks. You roll two D10 and add them plus bonuses from the card. The difficulty of that dice roll is determined by the GM, depending on the story scenario. That, for the most part, is it. GM describes how bad or good you succeeded/failed depending on the dice roll and you move on with the story.

What I really like about Neon Sanctum is how the combat initiative is determined. Each player will hand their player card to the GM. He will shuffle those in with the mob cards and than place them on the table one time, from left to right. The player or NPC on the left has first initiative and is granted the opportunity to perform their actions first. Each subsequent player after that take their turns in the river order. Of course, there are special rules for ambushes and other combat related occurrences, but this is really the core of the combat scenario.

If your group is wanting to dabble in the art of RPG’s set in a cyberpunk world that takes place in a sparse wasteland with cities that remind me of the Seattle setting in Shadowrun and the Neo Tokyo setting in Akira, I recommend checking out Neon Sanctum.

The Lord of the Ice Garden 2nd Edition

Project By: Krzysztof Wolicki REDIMP

The second edition of The Lord of the Ice Garden is now live on Kickstarter. This version will have an updated rulebook and, with the right pledge level, promo materials from Essen.

(I am being lazy today and just going to copy and paste what I wrote about it in May of last year.  This doesn’t make the game any less attractive by the way and I’m hoping to be able to have the funds to back it this time around!)

TLotIG is a 2-4 player strategic board game, set in the world of Midgaard. It is  filled with human-like beings able to control magic. The culture and technology of these beings resemble the time of Vikings of our own world.  This is disrupted when scientists from Earth arive in Midgaard. Their discovery of magic, coupled with their scientific knowledge, changes their views. They are consumed with a power hungry need to make Midgaard a “better place”, even if it means sacrificing everyone and everything, for themselves to achieve it.

Players will step into the role of these scientists with the goal to control as many regions as possible, scoring victory points along the way. As usual, he/she with the most points wins.


Project By: NSKN Games – LudiBooster

I have to admit, when I first took a look at Mistfall, even though it looks to be a solid game, I didn’t immediately see what it had to offer that other games didn’t. Than, I realized that Mistfall incorporates the tile layout of Forbidden Desert with a high fantasy setting like Descent. In this fully cooperative, 1-4 player game, the world is represented by tiles that are randomly placed face down.

As adventurers, you must traverse these unknown tiles trying to complete your quest.  Of course, time can be your most dangerous enemy; even more dangerous than the hostile beasts and epic foes that you must battle as encounters as you travel these lands. Level up your characters, find better loot, and disperse of these baddies before your time is up.

Airborne Commander

Project By: Stratamax Games


Stratamax Games is publishing a new deck building game with a solo variant twist, Airborne Commander. In Airborne Commander,  you will try to lead the 101st Airborne to victory  during one of the most bloodiest and courageous days of WWII, D Day.

The rules are simple enough and explained in about five minutes in their Kickstarter campaign video. Every turn, four cards from the Axis deck are placed face up in a row. You will use the cards from your hand to either fight the Axis and obstacles, or as support for your troops, or as recruits. Be careful though, any military forces used in the firefight could be defeated and removed from the game. If you leave any of the Axis spots uncontested, you will have to add a disorganized card to your deck for each uncontested spot. These are just garbage cards that have absolutely no value to you. They represent your platoon becoming more disorganized.

When you use them as recruits, you will use their currency value to gather reinforcements from the Drop Cards.

There is two win and two loss conditions for Airborne Commander. You can lose by drawing a hand full of disorganized cards. That is, your troops are too scattered to be a cohesive military unit. If one of the Axis stacks have four Axis cards, than you have been captured. You win by cycling through all of  the Drop or Mission Decks once without meeting either one of the lost conditions. If you are able to win in Airborne Commander, than you will tally up your points to see how well you really did do.

Phew! That is a list if I do say so myself! Be sure to come back next week for more board game picks, and all the Docking Bay 94 Episodes that will be coming your way! Who would you like to see as a guest on our podcast? Leave any suggestions down below.

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