Kick The Box March 9th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

March 9th Edition

It’s hard to fathom that two months ago, I was having a hard time piecing together four games that looked promising, let alone spectacular! This month though, is a totally different beast. There are so many great games on Kickstarter right now, that it’s been difficult to pick the cream of the crop. I almost dropped a fifth pick in this week, but decided to stick to my guns with the picks of four. Why? No idea. Sounded good. I guess. What would have been my fifth pick you ask? Guess you’ll have to return next week to find out, won’t ya?

Kickstarter News: The card based Sci-fi RPG, FAITH by Burning Games is so close to being funded! They have just a little over 48 hours left and just shy of being completely funded before their timer runs out! Be sure not to miss the abstract card and peg strategy game, Tao of Peg. It  is over 50% funded now with three weeks to go in their campaign still. Be sure to check out my latest podcast dropping into the interwebz this Friday. It’s with Gil Hova, designer of the economic game, Battle Merchants. His newest game, Bad Medicine, a story telling party game, is encroaching the $20K mark on Kickstarter right now!

 Bottom of the 9th: A Dice & Card Game of Classic Baseball

Project By: Dice Hate Me Games

It’s the Bottom of the 9th. Tied Ball Game. The lead off batter of the home team steps up to the plate. With a couple of confident practice swings, he thinks to himself, “I just need to get on base anyway I can so they can get me into scoring position.”

The catcher calls the pitch. Pitcher shakes the call off.

“He’s coming right after me with his nasty down and away pitch.” the batter thinks to himself.

The catcher calls the pitch again. Pitcher confirms with a slow nod.

Wind up.

Pitch. . .

Swing .  . .

How does it end? Guess you’ll have to go and back Dice Hate Me’s first game under the Greater Than Game’s umbrella, Bottom of the 9th. Bottom of the 9th is a five to fifteen minute, dice chucking, two player game that simulates the pitcher catcher duel of every pitch. As the batter, if you can guess what pitch is coming down the pike, than you will have a better chance of getting on base and continuing the inning, or better yet, be the home town hero with a walk off homerun.

As the pitcher, if you can get those three crucial outs this inning, statistically your team is a better team in extra innings. If you can save this inning, your team has the bullpen to shut out the rest of the opposing team and walk away victorious.

Check it out. Bottom of the 9th.

Alien Frontiers Big Box

Project By: Game Salute

Photo 1024x768

Of course, the world would be a miss if I didn’t mention Game Salute’s Kicstarter campaign for one of my favorite games, Alien Frontiers BIG BOX Edition. Following in the footsteps of Queen Games, Game Salute has decided to try to bring to the market an edition of Alien Frontiers that includes everything that has been released to date. Several different small expansions and faction packs, plus a couple bigger expansions all in one box.

For those not familiar with Alien Frontiers, it is a worker placement with dice. At the beginning of your turn, you roll your dice and than place them in areas of the board that correspond with the number of pips rolled. These different locations allow you to collect resources, build new ships, colonize the planet, and more. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

RESISTOR_: Hacking on the brink of nuclear destruction

Project By: Cardboard Fortress Games

RESISTOR is a two player game of memory, hidden information and card playing. The object of the game is to create a connected line of your color to your opponent’s color. The cards are double sided and at any given moment, a player can only see the front of their cards and the back of your opponents.

On your turn you will take three actions, and if at the end of those three actions, your colored line is connected to your opponents, than you will score a point. The different actions that are available to you will help you manipulate the cards on the board or in you or your opponents hand.

There is also a special resistor card, that when put it in play, will change the entire board to hopefully your advantage. It will then detonate and be removed from the chain of cards, shortening the distance needed to make a connection. A truly neat mechanic that will help with any type of stalemates that could possibly occur and speeding up the game. If you are looking for a new two player game, I would definitely check this one out.

Above and Below- Storytelling Board Game

Project By: Ryan Laukat

In the middle of the night, your village is ransacked by murderous barbarians. You flee with your life from the flickering flames of destruction. Stealing a hesitant glance back, you know all is lost and you must start anew. Your journey of hope takes you across barren deserts and snow packed cliffs of terror until you find the perfect place to build the first hut of the new village. It wasn’t long til the hut was completed that you realize there was also a deep, dark chasm of mystery not far from your hut. What lies below? Glorious treasure? Monsters of the unimaginable? Guess you will have to send the expedition down to find out.

That’s where Ryan Laukat’s new game, Above and Below begins. You place your villagers in various spots along your village player board to collect resources, build buildings for your village, or send them on expeditions. It’s when you send them on these expeditions that the storytelling aspect of the game kicks in(Think Agents of SMERSH or Tales of an Arabian Nights). After seven rounds of play, the player with the most village points wins!

That’s it for this week! Is there any games you feel deserve the KTB treatment? What games are you eyeballing? Hit me with your comments and suggestions below. Til next time, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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