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Interview with Burning Games about FAITH: The Sci-fi RPG


faith-sci-fi-rpg-boardgame-male-corvoI have a special interview for all of my readers today. I’m delighted that Burning Games took time out of their busy schedule to swap some emails back and forth and answer questions about their game Faith on Kickstarter now.

KTB: The artwork for the game looks fantastic. How long did it take the artists to complete the artwork and what media type did they use?

BG: We started working with our lead concept artist Milan Nikolic a few months back to establish the look of the main species and the general feel of the technology that appears in the game. After that everything is going very smoothly and on schedule. Both Aleksa Bracic and Milan use digital tools to create their illustrations.

KTB: How much of the 120 page rule book is rules and how much of it characters, background of the universe and other DM related compendiums?

BG: FAITH is a rules light RPG, so the rulebook will be around a 50/50 split of rules and background stories, including setting, character backgrounds and short stories disseminated through the whole book


KTB: I’m really like the “replacing dice for cards” concept. When will players draw back up to their 7 cards, is it after every confrontation?

BG: Cards represent stamina. Therefore characters draw back to their hand size in between scenes, which is when they have a chance to rest. They also draw cards when playing with the ambience (if the suit of the card they play matches the ambience where they are) to represent they are moving well within the environment or when they play a low value card (twice the attribute they are using or less) to represent a low effort that does not tire them out.

KTB: If Faith is funded, are there plans for more species to choose from with further expansions  besides the three that are in the core box?

BG: Yes indeed. We have plans to continue supporting and expanding this game for many years, includinfaith-rpg-playing-cards-multitoolg additional playable species and modules expanding the universe, space battles and many more things.

KTB: And what if two or more players want to play the same type of species or character?

BG: They will be able to do so with the contents of the core set. There will be four character illustrations of each species, stretch goals pending.

KTB: I see a lot of talk about the species of the characters. is there also a class(i.e. medic, soldier, etc.) Or are the variable attributes tied to the species themselves.(i.e. if you chose one species, they are stronger, but another species has a higher intelligence)

BG: There are no classes in the game, but the choice of skills determines what the character can do best. Because the experience system rewards “learning by doing”, there is no need for classes: the characters will most often do what they do best, so they will improve those skills faster while others will improve more slowly.

The species have a starting bonus to one of the attributes, and they also have a maximum of two points in two of the six attributes, as opposed to three in the other four. This means that there are species that are better suited for some things than others.

KTB: How does the character creation work?character-sheet

BG: We wanted to move away from the usual randomizer of points during character creation. Characters get a set number of points they can distribute between attributes and upgrades (tech, bio or divine enhancements), and a set of skill values that they can distribute however they want between the 12 skills. It is fairly simple: a coherent and playable character can be created in just a couple of minutes, especially once you are familiar with the game system and the upgrades.

KTB: Thank you again Burning Games for answering a few questions! If this sounds like an interesting and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends and family, than be sure to help them make their dream come true by visiting their Kickstarter page here.

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