Kick The Box February 23rd 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 23rd Edition

Lots of great stuff going on this week. Recorded episode three of my podcast with the most awesome couple in the boardgaming industry, Tiffany Ralph(TheOneTar) and Steve Caires, last week; finish editing that this week and hope to have it out this Friday. Until than, here is a look at the excitement brewing on Kickstarter this week!

Kickstarter News: PlayMe : Alice in Wonderdice has relaunched their campaign! So has Warlords & Sellswords! Trickerion has knocked out their last stretch goal at $200,000! This game has so many goodies included now. Still only a short period of time to grab them and the game though!

Meeple Syrup Show

Project By: Sen-Foong Lim

The Meeple Syrup Show co-hosts Darryl Andrews and Sen-Foong Lim have successfully launched their first Kickstarter campaign for the second season of their show.

The Meeple Syrup duo have had a lot of great guests on their YouTube channel from the board gaming community. Publishers, designers, and others who have their fingers on the board game hobby’s pulse have joined them to discuss game design, games, and the back end of the business. Some well known names have stopped by and talked shop; Richard Hamm, Jonathon Gilmour, Matt Leacock, Tiffany Ralph, Brittanie Boe, and many, many others already in their first season.

If you find their content interesting and would like to help them hit the stretch goals to make the show even better, than check out their Kickstarter campaign running right now!

Aether Magic

Project By: Happy Mitten Games

Many of you may recognize the name Happy Mittens, and yes it is that same well known Happy Mittens Podcast featured on The Dice Tower Network. They are venturing into the world of publishing games and they need your help to do so.

Aether Magic is a 3-6 player game with a two player variant in production. This auction, set collecting game has players taking turns summoning and trading aether, transforming the aether into elements, and than if possible, cast and collect one of the community or one of your own hidden spells. The person who is able to cast the highest point value in spells before the aether portal wins!

Hitman Holiday: A Game Of Sunshine And Death

Project By: Medieval Lords

A 6-player game setup, picture courtesy of Deskovehry

You open the french doors to your balcony. The heavy, salty smell of the ocean pierces your senses. The sun’s rays wrap their arms around you as you step foot on to the balcony. Just as you start to relax and enjoy paradise, the hair on the back of your neck starts to raise on end. Your highly trained senses kick into overdrive. You turn quickly,  catching a glimpse of, what you thought, was a reflective light source. You leap backwards into your loft as the bullet whistles it’s deadly sound past you.

Welcome to Hitman Holiday where not only are you the predator, but also the prey. From 2-10 players will not only be on the hunt for their target, but also be the hunted. It is your job as the player, to make the first kill as fast as possible, before your target deduces who is trying to kill them and reports you to the authorities!

Pixel Glory – Pets Expansion – Pay What You Want

Project By: Frank Alberts


In case you missed the first printing of Pixel Glory, Frank Alberts is giving you a chance to nullify your mistake and grab his deck building game, along with a new expansion for it called Pets.

Pixel Glory is a deck builder, but instead of purchasing cards like most deck builders, Pixel Glory uses an auction mechanic in the first phase of the game for players to create their decks with. Than the second phase of the game centers on the dungeon delving, monster fighting the game is known for.

I’m glad I backed this the first time around and have had a lot of fun with it. It plays pretty quick even with four players and I enjoy the balancing mechanic and strategy of doing damage to monsters, but not leaving them weak enough for other players to easily pick off and score the points. For $15+, acquiring this game is a no brainer.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to leave a comment about what games you are most looking forward to from Kickstarter! Until next week, keep playin’ to be playin’!

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