My new game Swamped is now available as a Print and Play prototype! Go get it and let us know what you think!


You’ve only just met your companions—a motley assemblage of characters from who-knows-where. You’ve been told each one of you was “hand-selected” for this urgent (or desperate) expedition into one of the world’s most feared swamps, but this thought provides you little solace.

Together in a tiny boat, you and your team have been tasked to find a rare herb with chemical properties that will help your employer cure the great disease of your time. At least, that is the plan. This swamp is full of secret and valuable treasures…and hidden dangers. Will your team honor their contracts and complete the mission before daylight fades, or will hidden agendas and unknown obstacles lure you deeper and deeper into the swamp?

Swamped! is a micro-game (only 33 cards and two tokens) for 2-4 players that plays in about 30 minutes and expands Bellwether Game’s world of Antidote. Note that all of the artwork is for play testing purposes only – this isn’t even it’s final form.

Click here for the pdf print and play files.

Click here for the pdf print and play rules.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.47.32 AM

Swamped takes a whole lot of game and pares it right down to just the fun parts! It’s a semi-cooperative game with hidden roles – and a crocodile that’s hunting the players as the players comb the swamps for the treasures they need. As players navigate the maze-like swamps on their boat, pulling each other in different directions to satisfy their goals, their choices become more limited as the cards they use to comprise their hands are also the cards that make up the ever lengthening swamp. Will you obtain everything you need and make it out of the swamp and into clear water?

This game uses a fun mechanism utilizing square cards where the corners are significant – the corner that faces you can have a big impact on your game. Actions let you lay other cards on top of these, trigger the movement mechanism of the game or even allow you to rotate them 90* in one direction. At the end of every play round, two cards from the deck turn into swamp maps and then become unavailable for the players to draw. As the game moves forward, your scope of actions becomes a bit more limited forcing players to make key decisions and keeping the game to a fun, manageable 30 minutes or less.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.47.46 AM

I’m really very proud of this title – between the concept and initial design that I came up with and the development that Bellwether and I have put into the game it’s become a wickedly fun micro-game. I hesitate to call it a filler game because as simple as it seems, it’s got some real meat to it game-play wise.

So please, grab yourself a copy, print it out, go at it with a pair of scissors and then play the heck out of it! Report back to Bellwether games (and feel free to talk with me as well!) what you think of the game and any questions or concerns you may have!


If you’re going to be at Total Confusion on the 19th through the 22nd of February, come say hello to me and let’s give this game a whirl! I’ll always have a copy on me, ready to go!

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