Kick The Box February 9th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 9th Edition

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Words can’t express how wonderful it was to attend Unpub 5 this year. I was lucky enough to be able to meet and greet some of the most amazing up and coming, and established designers, publishers, and content creators in the board game industry. It also gave me a chance to play some awesome prototype and unpublished games that you will see, not only getting published via Kickstarter, but also published in the traditional manner in the coming year.

Kickstarter News: Unspeakable Words Deluxe Edition has broken the $100,000 mark during it’s campaign. There is still over a week left if you want to grab a reprint of this Tabletop featured game! Hoyuk: Anatolia, MAGE Company’s expansion to Hoyuk, has completed their campaign fully funded at a little over $14,00. The new expansion to Artipia Games Among the StarsAmong the Stars: Revival is encroaching the $50,000 mark in their campaign with still three weeks left in their campaign!

Floating Market – A Game of Diced Fruit!

Project By: Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback (Designers of Fleet, Eggs & Empire, and others) have launched a new game on Kickstarter called Floating Market. 

Floating Market has an unique and interesting theme. It is based on the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand. Players will take turns sending their “grandchildren” to the boats, trying to collect fruit for your fruit salad. Each player has meeple workers that represent these grandchildren and a set of polyhedral dice that will be used to determine which boat is the “payout” boat and who will be able to collect from it.

Each boat has an unique range of numbers. During the course of a round, players will place their meeples on the boats and other various locations on the board. They also will place one of their dice in a dice pool. After that is complete, the dice are rolled and the resulting number determines which boat is the “payout” boat. Players will collect fruit and money based on the location of the “payout” boat. The first player to collect the five fruit needed for their fruit salad, wins!

The Great War

Project By: Will Townshend, PSC Games


If you are familiar with, or a fan of, the Command & Colors Games such as, Memoir ’44  or Battlelore, than you just need to stop reading here and go check out The Great War now on Kickstarter.

For those not familiar with the Command & Colors Games, than you are still going to want to check out Richard Borg’s new game, The Great War, but after this short explanation.

I love both Memoir ’44 and Battlelore and the way they play. The basic workings of the C&CG is that the board is divided into thirds, a left, center, and right. Players will place their army on the board, spread throughout these sections. The two players will take turns, playing cards that has numbers in each section of the battlefield; generally a one, two, or three or no number at all on it. These numbers(or lack of numbers) represents how many units you can activate, move and attack with in that given section.

Both players take turns, playing cards, moving, attacking and defeating each other’s squads until the win condition is reached based on which scenario they are playing.

Pretense – A Game Night Social Metagame

 Project By: Jason Tagmire

Pretense is a game outside of a game. At the beginning of your game event, as players show up, they will be handed a role card. These role cards will tell you what actions need to be completed in order to reveal your role card and score a point.

The base game of Pretense comes with twelve unique roles with different personalities and traits such as the ‘Sport’. If you have the ‘Sport’ role card, and you happen to catch an object that is thrown at you by another player, than you can take their role card, they are eliminated, and you score a point.

You can also accuse players of having certain roles.  If the accuser is correct, the accused is eliminated and their role card is removed from the game. If the accuser is incorrect, than the accuser has to give up their role and is eliminated from the game. The person that has collected the most role cards at the end of the event wins!

How To Serve Man

Project By: Gateway Games

The panel of judges are set. Your armed with your best cooking utensils. Your secret recipes have been delivered to you. Vegetables, check. Breading, check. Humans, check. Wait! What? Humans? Yes, Humans!

How To Serve Man is a game about aliens cooking delicious cuisines made of humans from the meat bin. Players will take turns placing their chefs, collecting the necessary ingredients, collecting appetizers, entrees, and dessert recipes, and then scrambling to the necessary cooking station to complete the recipe. Once the recipe is completed than you will present it to the panel of celebrity judges for bonus points.

Of course, it won’t be that easy. Every time a recipe is completed and scored, the player will draw and resolve a card from the Event Deck. This could force players to change course and steer their strategy in a different direction.

The player with the most points at the end of the game, wins!

That’s it for this week. Be sure to hit the subscribe button to keep up on the latest Kickstarter news and happenings. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. I’m now off to finish up the editing on our second episode of the Docking Bay 94 Board Game Reviewers Podcast! Til next week; Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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